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Last last dia kemas katil

Last last dia kemas katil balik Semua ini kita yang kena ajar bukan dengan cara kasar marah pukul itu semua bukan caranya.. Cakap elok2 insyaallah semuga dipermudahkan Allah #part5 #autismawareness #autism #azilazal #twinsautism #mylove #mypa #sharingiscaring Anak kita bukan binatang untuk kita gari ikat dia dia manusia macam kita kita perlu beri kasih sayang dan panduan yang betul sementara kita ada dah takde itu Allah dah atur perjalanan hidupnya.. Istighfar semuga Allah merahmati hidup kita.

Witajcie #instamamy i #in

Witajcie #instamamy i #instaciocie my dzis wlasnie konczymy tydzien ! Dokladnie 7 dni tem o 14:45 nasz synek byl z nami ! Najcudowniejsze uczucie na swiecie. Z dnia na dzien coraz lepiej sobie radzimy i coraz bardziej sie kochamy Kocham tego okruszka . #boy #instaboy #polishboy #baby #instababy #son #igor #igorkowelove #jestembojestes #urodzonywsierpniu #mamysynek #noworodek #synekmamusi #mojsyn #mojewszystko #jestemmama #Mybaby #myson #babyboy #mylove #1weeksold #tydzienzanami #mojamilosc #like #likeforlike #follow #followme #comment


Ce we

AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN Ce week-end il faut retourner la muscu. Il le faut ! Il faut soulever de la foooonte ! Ouiiiiiii comme tout le monde dit il faut tre fire de ses cicatrices, de ses vergetures , de son corps qui as changer aprs la grossesse. On as mis au monde un petit tre ... c'est magnifique. Certe ! Si je ne pouvais reprendre la muscu ok j'accepterai de vivre avec ce corps. Mais honntement je ne suis pas du tout l'aise avec mon corps quand il s'agit de montrer mon ventre. Avec le tee-shirt par dessu pas de souci ! Je pourrais rester comme a et ne pas aller la muscu. Sauf que a cause problme quand il faut se mettre en maillot de bain (horrible le bronzage avec un maillot de bain 1 pice d'ailleurs) ou tout simplement quand je me retrouve avec mon homme ... ben oui ! Pour lui ce n'est rien. Pour moi c'est un ventre horrible. Obliger de le cacher ou d'tre dans le noir (je m'loigne ). Et a ne veut pas dire que je ne suis pas fire d'avoir mis au monde mon titi. J'ai quand mme le droit d'avoir envie de retrouver mon ventre d'avant non ?! Bon ... il ne sera pas exactement pareil mais en tout cas ce sera surement mieux que maintenant. Faire les pecs aussi ! Ouais ... l'allaitement m'as flingue la poitrine Je suis la seule comme a ? #instabebe #bebe2017 #momlife #manque #pregnant #grossesse #muscu #fitness #love #babyboy #sport #passion #instamaman #fitgirl #temple #envie #abdos #dos #bibi #fesse #epaules #mylove #seance #accouchement #vergeture #allaitement

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Timberlake revealed that the song's creating process took time to image and execute. He also stated that "My Love" was less about marriage and a more humble approach to love. The song features synthesizer chords with a slow beat and includes a beatboxing, percussion, and staccato sounds. Timberlake described the track as "a rock-techno ballad". "My Love" was well received by music critics, although some criticized Timberlake for some of the lyrics and sounds. The track reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, being Timberlake's second consecutive single to do so. Among other Billboard magazine's charts, it also topped the Mainstream Top 40, Hot Dance Airplay, and Hot Digital Songs charts. Internationally, the single peaked in the number two position on the UK Singles Chart, becoming Timberlake's fourth single to do so. In New Zealand, the track peaked at number one for five non-consecutive weeks, to become Timberlake's second number one single. Pitchfork Media named "My Love" as their number one song of 2006. Many have cited that the song was a sequel to Timberlake's 2002 song "Cry Me a River". The track won Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 2007 Grammy Awards. "My Love" also won Timberlake the Male Artist of the Year and Best Choreography in a Video at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

In December 2005, Timberlake began working on his second album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, the follow-up to Justified (2002). Within three weeks, "My Love" was one of several songs that were recorded. In September 2006, Timberlake told Rolling Stone that the song was "a hip-hop ballad" and that the process of creating "took two hours to imagine and execute". While promoting the album in an interview with MTV News, Timberlake revealed that the second half of the album (including "My Love") focuses on anthems of love. In another interview, he revealed that "My Love" was a "contradiction of sounds. You've got this operatic thing going on. If you take all the staccato sounds out, the essence of the song is it's a ballad, but the way the beat is inlaid underneath the vocals, it becomes a percussive ballad." In discussion of T.I.'s participation in the track, Timberlake said: "The second hook finished and I said, 'Oh, a rapper would sound good on this'." Timbaland, who co-wrote and produced the song, agreed to the idea and suggested T.I. Timberlake agreed to the idea, although he doubted that T.I. would say yes, and said that he was thankful that T.I. agreed to take part. Timberlake revealed in 2013 that he originally asked rapper JAY-Z (Whom he would collaborate with extensively in his later career) to appear on the track before T.I. "I wanted to do a record with him on FutureSex/LoveSounds..." he explained "...and he at that time had done a record with Beyonc, it was 'Dj Vu.' And he saidrespectfully, I can't knock him for saying like I have this one feature, I think he was working on his own music as well so he didn't want to be on too many things. And I said, 'I totally respect that. I'm obviously not gonna get into any domestic anything. That's your wife.' But the record was 'My Love.' And it ended up being an interesting blessing in disguise because I think Tip for that recordI mean his verse is phenomenal."