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Meet Treman, the buff blo

Meet Treman, the buff blonde in this morning's post who likely declared "I AM KING " when he woke up. And so begins the nighttime ritual of negotiations. From his unwillingness to maintain eye contact I detect guilt or is it shame? What's the difference?More on that to come! For now I must reclaim my pillow! . . . . #dogsofinstagram #iamking #adogslife #mylife #mypractice #beginfresh #goldenretriever

Noi ci siamo fatte questo

Noi ci siamo fatte questo regalo... che io adoro!!!la coppia di braccialetti di #kudult mamma_figlia forever.. ^ un amore profondo che resiste a tutte le intemperie della vita; anche distanti per mesi o per ore il nostro legame durer per sempre^ #buongiorno fanciulle siete in ferie?lavorate? A me mancano 15 giorni.... sto facendo il conto alla rovescia!!!! Un abbraccio a tutte e buona giornata!!! .. #thewomoms #maviepuntoit #notordinaryday #notonlymama #mamy #me #love #family #lovelife #lovelittlethings #happy #slowlife #mylife #familyfirstalways #igers #like4like #igdaily #woman #gift #truelove #igersitalia #home #cute #smile #igeroftheday

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MyLife gathers information through government, social sites, public records and other sources to generate a "MyLife Background Profile," described by MyLife to be a "complete Wikipedia-like biography on every American." A MyLife Background Profile can list an individual's information including age, past and current home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, jobs, education, photographs, relatives, a mini biography and a personal review section which encourages other MyLife members to rate each other. Mylife claims to have "over 300 million Public Background Profiles with information about almost everyone in America, 18 years old and over." According to MyLife, a "Public Page cannot be deleted" and "only premium members can hide content on their Public Page and remove the info from the origisource."

In 2007, according to a company press release, received $25 Million in venture funding from Oak Investment Partners. The company changed its name from to after merging with the search engine company, Wink, in the fall of 2008. According to CEO Jeffrey Tinsely, the company's 2008 revenue was estimated at 52 million dollars with 90% of the firm's revenue coming from paid subscriptions. As of 2009, the company had acquired several smaller companies including: Planet Alumni, GoodContacts, HighSchoolAlumni, That year, reported it had begun a data sharing partnership with MyLife.

The company offers services that allow people to see and control public information and reviews about them. The company also allows people to search for friends, family members and business associates or anyone, read their public pages and review them. includes public profiles of non-members which are created using collected public data and information.

In August 2007, the company described its website as the 6th most popular social networking site with 28 million users while a 2008 article in the LA Times criticized the company's "aggressive marketing approach." In February 2009 ComScore reported the company's website as having 18.2 million unique visitors that month and Tech Crunch characterized it as the 4th largest social networking website for January 2009. A class-action lawsuit was filed against the company in Oakland, California in February 2011. The suit accused the company of "false solicitation" by offering monthly membership and then charging member's credit cards at the annual rate. The Washington State Attorney General's Office began an investigation in 2011 stemming from concerns that the company's TV advertisements may have violated the state's Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits unfair and deceptive practices. According to State officials the company resolved the issue by making an "assurance of discontinuance" and paid $28,000 in attorneys' costs and fees. In February 2015, MyLife agreed to a court judgment under which it would pay $800,000 in penalties, plus $250,000 in refunds to customers. The company also will be subject to a permanent injunction that prohibits false advertising and unauthorized credit card charges. The case grew out of a joint investigation by the Santa Monica City Attorneys Office and the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office. Investigators found that MyLife was tricking consumers into giving the company their personal identifying information, and later their money, through false and misleading ads. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has revoked MyLife's accreditation, giving MyLife a rating of D-. On March 20, 2015 this company's accreditation in BBB was revoked by BBB's Board of Directors due to recent government action involving the business's customer relations which indicates a significant failure of the business to meet standards of conduct expected of a BBB member.