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In New York City: The Met, Metropolitan Opera The Met, Metropolitan Museum of Art MET, Manhattan Ensemble Theatre Manila Metropolitan Theater in Manila, Philippines Various buildings known as the Metropolitan Opera House The Met (arts centre) in Bury, Greater Manchester

The Met (skyscraper), luxury condominium in Sathon, Bangkok, Thailand The MET, a Canadian mega church in the capital city of Ottawa. Metropolitan Building (Minneapolis), taken down in 1961 Metropolitan Miami (development), complex in Miami, Florida

The Met: Policing London, BBC documentary series In games: Met, character in Mega Man (v-game) series Mind's Eye Theatre, live-action role-playing game Media outlets: Met 107, radio station in Bangkok

Chemical species: Methylethyltryptamine, hallucinogen Methionine, amino acid Patient-focused terms: Motivational enhancement therapy Muscle energy technique, clinical neuromuscular protocol MET, gene for c-Met proto-oncogene protein Met, hypermethioninemia Mesenchymalepithelial transition Exercise parameter "metabolic equivalent of task"

London Underground: Metropolitan line Metropolitan Railway, originating company Metropolitan Electric Tramways, tram company in London Metropolitan Transit Authority of Black Hawk County in Waterloo, Iowa, USA The Met, since Metlink, metropolitan-transit marketing agency for Melbourne, Australia