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Beard care is very import

Beard care is very important and once I came across @ScotchPorter grooming products and tried them, I've never stopped using them! If you have a beard you definitely need to get your hands on these products, they'll take your beard game up to a whole 'notha level! Shirt: @itsnickgraham Beard products: @scotchporter Jeans: @neobluejeans Belt: @remotulliani Socks: @tiesdotcom Boots: @sutrofootwear #SPMan #ScotchPorter #ad #flatlay #outfit #grid #wiwt #menswear #mensstyle #mensapparel #mensfashion #gqstylehunt #gqinsider #gqfashion #getdapper #guymusthave #gentleman #fashion #gentsfashion #guyswithstyle #dapper #dapperman #fashiongram #styledaily #styleexpert #styleformen #ootdmen #gqmen #outfitsbysway

@leomoctezuma finding his

@leomoctezuma finding his light and Liiiiivvvvvvving to his cover of #michaeljacksons #inthecloset Shot on #lumixgh5 & @tiltamax G1 Lit using @quasarscience switch tubes from @cinesauce BTS video posted to profile:) Distinct Visuals #DistinctVisuals #quasar #quasarscience #tiltamax #gimbal #zarafashion #zarajacket #sequins #gh5 #productionlife #productioncompany #onset #instudio #freestyle #dancer #singer #choreographer #drectorofphotography #fcpx #mensfashion #menwithstyle #commercialshoot #3axisgimbal #Director

Berserker from @beardpilo

Berserker from @beardpilot It's the exquisite pleasure of beardedvillains_denmark to introduce our new beard oil and balm series "Berserker". It's made by @beardpilot in accordance with their wellknown principles of proper craftsmanship and 100% natural ingredients, and in cooperation with @beardedvillains_denmark. The product is sold in benefit of The Children's Heart Foundation in Denmark. If the product is bought on or @mens_shopdk 50 DKR per sold product will be donated to the Children's Heart Foundation via @beardedvillains_denmark. At our returning annual charity run "Lb for en Hjertesag/Run for the Heart" on the 9/9-17 and following afterparty, 150 DKR per sold product of the first 100 sold oils and balms will be donated directly to the Children's Heart Foundation via @beardedvillains_denmark. Pictures by Manni @mannihbach @manni_bach_photography Display design @dennis_theredbeard_berg @singamlife @traitorscode Location: @mens_shopdk @rodovrecentrum #beardedvillains #sonsofravens #togetherwelift #beardedvillainsdenmark #baard #beard #skg #skjg #scandinavian #beardedvillainsworldwide @beardpilot #Copenhagen #hareskoven #lb #traillb #velgrenhed #familie #berserker #beardoil #run #brnehjertefonden #running @hjerteforeningen #mensfashion #mensgrooming

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Famous people with albinism include historical figures such as Oxford don William Archibald Spooner; actor-comedian Victor Varnado; musicians such as Johnny and Edgar Winter, Salif Keita, Winston "Yellowman" Foster, Brother Ali, Sivuca, Willie "Piano Red" Perryman; and fashion models Connie Chiu and Shaun Ross. Emperor Seinei of Japan is thought to have been an albino because he was said to have been born with white hair.

The Dutch hip hop scene is roughly divided by the Netherlands' larger cities. Alkmaar Boef, The Opposites, Rambo Alkmaar Almere Ali B, Raymzter, MC DRT, Sevn Alias Amsterdam Brainpower, Osdorp Posse, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (Incl. Faberyayo), Flinke Namen, The Opposites, D-Men, Keizer, Lange Frans & Baas B, Appa, Sjaak, Lexxxus, Negativ, Darryl, Yes-R, Badboy Taya, Tuindorp Hustler Click (THC), RBDjan, Zwart Licht, Gikkels, Mo & Brakko, Kiddo Cee, Regga, Jayh, Hans Grants, Bokoesam, Anthoughts, Chivv, MocroManiac Delft Scheme015, Para-Mocro, Matarr Den Haag KernKoppen, Den Haag Connection (DHC) (Incl. Chillouh, Skiezo, Omar Montana, MC Rico and Freaky Jason), Westeinde, Blarix, Wilde Westen (incl. Louis & Mula B, Kingsize, 3Robi) Abbas, DNG, Laksida, Protick, Serrow, SFB(o.a. Frenna) Deventer - Zuid-Oost Posse, Maasstraat Mannen, Roughless, Janor Utrecht Steen, Kyteman, Lijpe Zwolle Blaxtar, Typhoon, Opgezwolle, Jawat! Rotterdam E-Life, Jawat!, DuvelDuvel, U-Niq, Winne, Feis, Mini Thug, Dion, Hef, Tuigcommissie (incl. Helderheid), Crimson, Eddy Ra, Postmen, Broederliefde(o.a. Emms), Amersfoort Jiggy Dj, Terilekst 's-Hertogenbosch Kleine Jay & Cartes Eindhoven Kempi, Fresku, Shock n Surprise, Murda Turk, Zwarte Schapen, Bloedserieus, R.Kay, Skenkie, iSurvived, Lange Ritch, Miggs de Bruijn, Nijo; Pietju Bell, Killer Kamal Breda Deams, MBS, Fotosynthese, Skate the Great, Seffelinie, Ismo Nijmegen Zo Moeilijk, Gers Pardoel Groningen Kraantje Pappie, Zombi Squad, Dope D.O.D Alphen aan den Rijn Salah Edin, Brainpower Roermond Jay Zakelijk Oosterhout Extince, Ares Tilburg Cilvaringz, en de Gelogeerde Aap, Meneer C, Para-Soma Vlissingen 0118-vier, D-Double Zoetermeer nul7negen, Joe Kickass, Spinal, Huizbaaz, Mr. Probz, Amier Papier, Poepie Rast, Ciph Barker, Sinn Fin, Ashes, MOD Black Marvel

AOL and various other companies supply robots on AIM that can receive messages and send a response based on the bot's purpose. For example, bots can help with studying, like StudyBuddy. Some are made to relate to children and teenagers, like Spleak, others give advice, and others are for more general purposes, such as SmarterChild. The more useful chat bots have features like the ability to play games, get sport scores, weather forecasts or financial stock information. Users were able to talk to automated chat bots that could respond to natural human language. They were primarily put into place as a marketing strategy and for unique advertising options. It was used by advertisers to market products or build better consumer relations. Before the inclusions of such bots, the other bots DoorManBot and AIMOffline provided features that are provided today by AOL for those who needed it. ZolaOnAOL and ZoeOnAOL were short lived bots that ultimately retired their features in favor of SmarterChild. As of November 18, 2008, the SmarterChild bot for AIM was retired and is no longer offering any services.