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Mar, a title of respect in Syriac Earl of Mar, an earldom in Scotland MAA (singer) (born 1986), Japanese recording artist, former television host and model Marathi language, by ISO 639-2 language code March, the third month of the year in the Gregorian calendar Master of Arts in Religion, a type of Master's degree

Mar, Isfahan, a village in Iran Mar, Markazi, a village in Iran Mar, Russia, a selo in Nyurbinsky District of the Sakha Republic Mar, an area of Scotland now known as Marr Mesoamerican reef, a system of coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea Mesoamerican region, an economic region Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a ridge and divergent tectonic plate in the Atlantic Ocean Minimum Angle of Resolution, a measure of visual acuity Morocco, by ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code

MR (Marchen Awakens Romance), a 2003 Japanese manga and anime series Mar (boat), a sailing tour boat based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia La Chinita International Airport, an airport located at Maracaibo, Venezuela, by IATA Code Minorities at Risk, a project at the University of Maryland's Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) Matrix Attachment Region, a sequence important to chromosomal structure in eukaryotes Medication Administration Record, used in health care to record medication given to a patient Memory address register, a hardware register used to keep the address of a memory location in which data are to be written or read Missing at random, in statistical analysis, a type of missing data Model Audit Rule 205 (Model Audit Rule, or MAR 205), are the commonly applied terms for the Annual Financial Reporting Model Regulation Modified Aspect Ratio, the dimensions in which a film was modified to fit a specific type of screen Mouvement Action Renouveau, the French name of Action Movement for Renewal, a political party in the Republic of Congo

The variant Maran or Moran (Syriac: , Mran), meaning "Our Lord", is a particular title given to Jesus, either alone or in combination with other names and titles. Likewise, Martan or Mortan (Syriac: , Mrtan, "Our Lady") is a title of Mary, mother of Jesus. Occasionally, the term Maran or Moran has been used of various Eastern Christian patriarchs and catholicoi. The Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, the Malankara Orthodox Catholicos and the Syro-Malankara Major Archbishop Catholicos use the title Moran Mor. Sometimes the Indian bearers of this title are called Moran Mar, using a hybrid style from both Syriac dialects that reflects somewhat the history of Syrian Christians in Kerala. The Pope of Rome is referred to as Mar Papa by the Saint Thomas Christians of India. The obscure variant Marya or Moryo (Syriac: , Mry) is used in the Peshitta Old Testament to render the Tetragrammaton. Although this word is clearly a derived form of the above, there is a fanciful derivation found in early Syriac lexica, that the word is an initialism as follows: , mru, 'lordship' , rabbu, 'majesty' , iy, 'self-existence' In Mishnaic Hebrew through to date this Aramaic word is pronounced [mar] (Hebrew: ), and it is used as a formal way of addressing or referring to a male person. "Mar" was also the title of the Exilarch (leader of the Jewish diaspora community in Babylon), with the Aramaic-speaking Jews sharing many cultural attributes with the Syriac Christians. In the Modern Hebrew of contemporary Israel, "Mar" is used without distinction for any male person, like "Mr." in English. However, in Rabbanical circles of Jews from the Middle East, the Aramaic variant form (Maran, Aramaic: our lord) is still a title to used for highly appreciated Rabbis, such as Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas party. In Portugal, Mar is sometimes used as an insult, where the recipient is being referred to as garbage/trash.