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Urlaubstage sind doch was

Urlaubstage sind doch was feines Heut war ich mit Rieke einfach mal shoppen. Haben natrlich nur Sachen gekauft,die dringend notwendig waren Hausschuhe fr den Kindergarten,einen Kindergartenrucksack,eine Sonnenbrille usw...Aber wenigstens war noch was vom budget ber. So konnte ich mir auch noch was leisten Und zum Abschluss gabs frs Kind noch ein Eis und fr Mama ein Cappuccino Unbezahlbar sind die Tage,an denen man nicht auf die Uhr schauen muss und einfach die Zeit genieen kann #urlaub #duundich #mamatochterurlaub #lebenmitkindern #tochter #zeitzuzweit #liebe #liebemeineslebens #mdchenmama #tochterliebe #holidays #vacation #youandme #mydaughter #lifewithdaughter #lifewithkids #timetogether #timeforus #love #loveofmylife #lovemydaughter #shopping #momlife #mom #instamom #girlsmom #enjoylife #enjoy

The River Chandra is one

The River Chandra is one of the two rivers which merge to form the Chenab in the Lahaul region of Himachal Pradesh. It rises in the snows lying at the base of the main Himalayan range in the Lahaul and Spiti district. The beautiful Chandra Tal lake has formed at its source. It flows for a extensive distance along the base of this range in a southeasterly direction before turning completely and taking a southwesterly course in the Spiti Valley. It flows on to merge with the Bhaga River downstream of Keylong. #myeverything #loveofmylife #oneandonly #blessed #bearded #beardedman #ginger #sleevetattoo #guyswithink #menwithtattoos #menwithink #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogsofig #instariver #beautylover #goingforawalk #qualitytime #outside #forest #greenery #mothernature #natureloversview #londoneye #gb #riverthames

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The album entered the Billboard 200 chart at number 11, selling 91,498 copies its first week. It entered the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart at number 82 through street sales and, in its second week, jumped to number 1. The song samples Soulchild's previous hit Teachme.

The first single to be taken from the album was "Radio". It was sent to US radio stations in August 2008, and charted on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. The album's second single, "IfULeave", was released to radio in October 2008. The third single was "SoBeautiful".

The Talmud offers a number of thoughts relating to the afterlife. After death, the soul is brought for judgment. Those who have led pristine lives enter immediately into the Olam Haba or world to come. Most do not enter the world to come immediately, but now experience a period of review of their earthly actions and they are made aware of what they have done wrong. Some view this period as being a "re-schooling", with the soul gaining wisdom as one's errors are reviewed. Others view this period to include spiritual discomfort for past wrongs. At the end of this period, not longer than one year, the soul then takes its place in the world to come. Although discomforts are made part of certain Jewish conceptions of the afterlife, the concept of "eternal damnation", so prevalent in other religions, is not a tenet of the Jewish afterlife. According to the Talmud, extinction of the soul is reserved for a far smaller group of malicious and evil leaders, either whose very evil deeds go way beyond norms, or who lead large groups of people to utmost evil. Maimonides describes the Olam Haba in spiritual terms, relegating the prophesied physical resurrection to the status of a future miracle, unrelated to the afterlife or the Messianic era. According to Maimonides, an afterlife continues for the soul of every human being, a soul now separated from the body in which it was "housed" during its earthly existence. The Zohar describes Gehenna not as a place of punishment for the wicked but as a place of spiritual purification for souls.

The Islamic belief in the afterlife as stated in the Quran is descriptive. The Arabic word for Paradise is Jannah and Hell is Jahannam. Their level of comfort while in the grave depends wholly on their level of Iman or faith in the one almighty creator or supreme being God or Allah. In order for one to achieve proper, firm and healthy Iman one must practice righteous deeds or else his level of Iman chokes and shrinks and eventually can wither away if one does not practice Islam long enough, hence the depth of practicing Islam is good deeds. One may also acquire Tasbih and recite the names of Allah in such manner as "SubahannAllah" or Glory be to Allah over and over again to acquire good deeds. Islam teaches that the purpose of Man's entire creation is to worship the Creator of the Heavens and Earth (Allah) alone that includes being kind to other human beings and life including bugs, and to trees, by not oppressing them. Islam teaches that the life we live on Earth is nothing but a test for us and to determine each individual's ultimate abode be it punishment or Jannat in the afterlife, which is eternal and everlasting. Jannah and Jahannam both have different levels. Jannah has eight gates and seven levels. The higher the level the better it is and the happier you are. Jahannam possess 7 deep terrible layers. The lower the layer the worse it is. Individuals will arrive at both everlasting homes during Judgment Day, which commences after the Angel Israfil blows the trumpet the second time. Islam teaches the continued existence of the soul and a transformed physical existence after death. Muslims believe there will be a day of judgment when all humans will be divided between the eternal destinations of Paradise and Hell. In the 20th century, discussions about the afterlife address the interconnection between human action and divine judgment, the need for moral rectitude, and the eternal consequences of human action in this life and world. A central doctrine of the Quran is the Last Day, on which the world will be destroyed and Allah will raise all people and jinn from the dead to be judged. The Last Day is also called the Day of Standing Up, Day of Separation, Day of Reckoning, Day of Awakening, Day of Judgment, The Encompassing Day or The Hour. Until the Day of Judgment, deceased souls remain in their graves awaiting the resurrection. However, they begin to feel immediately a taste of their destiny to come. Those bound for hell will suffer in their graves, while those bound for heaven will be in peace until that time. The resurrection that will take place on the Last Day is physical, and is explained by suggesting that God will re-create the decayed body (17:100: "Could they not see that God who created the heavens and the earth is able to create the like of them"?). On the Last Day, resurrected humans and jinn will be judged by Allah according to their deeds. One's eternal destination depends on balance of good to bad deeds in life. They are either granted admission to Paradise, where they will enjoy spiritual and physical pleasures forever, or condemned to Hell to suffer spiritual and physical torment for eternity. The day of judgment is described as passing over Hell on a narrow bridge in order to enter Paradise. Those who fall, weighted by their bad deeds, will remain in Hell forever.