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July, 2017.
Piano dei Res

July, 2017. Piano dei Resinelli, Lombardia, Italy. I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter I had to fall To lose it all But in the end It doesn't even matter In the End - Linkin Park. R.i.p. Chester No more words needed. What's your favourite song by Linkin Park, my friends?! #pianodeiresinelli #lecco #italy #como #comolake #lakecomo #lagodicomo #panorama #paesaggio #landscapeporn #landscape #mountains #mountaintop #mountain #mountainview #lake #lago #lakeview #natureporn #mothernature #lombardy #ig_lombardia #yallerslombardia #yallersitalia #volgolombardia #volgocomo #lombardia_super_pics #lombardia_reporter #montagna #landscapelover

The night watch. Pavia wa

The night watch. Pavia was known as the "hundred-tower-town", or 100TT (HunTeeTee). Families would show that they had a D by building high towers. Like in Manhattan one thousand years laters. Which is why it's called Manhattan and not Womanhattan. Today, less than 10 towers still stand high over the city. And no need for Viagra! #italy #igersitalia #visititaly #visitpavia #paviabynight #history #middleage #ancient #towers #pavia #wanderlust #beautiful #lombardy #funfacts #magicitaly #cityscape #cityphotography #nightwalk #fujixt20 #xf1855

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Finland is the only non-NATO EU country bordering Russia. Finland's official policy states that a wartime military strength of 230,000 personnel constitutes a sufficient deterrent. The army consists of a highly mobile field army backed up by local defence units. The army defends the national territory and its military strategy employs the use of the heavily forested terrain and numerous lakes to wear down an aggressor, instead of attempting to hold the attacking army on the frontier. Finland's defence budget equals approximately 2.8 billion euros or 1.3 percent of GDP. The voluntary overseas service is highly popular and troops serve around the world in UN, NATO and EU missions. Homeland defence willingness against a superior enemy is at 76%, one of the highest rates in Europe.

In the 2000 constitution, where diverse constitutional laws were unified into one statute, the leading role of the President was slightly moderated. However, because the constitution still stipulates only that the President leads foreign policy and the government internal policy, the responsibility over European Union affairs is not explicitly resolved. Implicitly this belongs to the powers of the government. In a cohabitation situation as with Matti Vanhanen's recent second government right-wing government and left-wing President Tarja Halonen, there can be friction between government ministers and the president. The arrangement has been criticised by Risto E.J. Penttil for not providing a simple answer of who's in charge.

Despite a local assembly and government, French Polynesia is not in a free association with France, like the Cook Islands with New Zealand. As a French overseas collectivity, the local government has no competence in justice, university education, security and defense. Services in these areas are directly provided and administered by the Government of France, including the National Gendarmerie (which also polices rural and border areas in European France), and French military forces. The collectivity government retains control over primary and secondary education, health, town planning, and the environment. The highest representative of the State in the territory is the High Commissioner of the Republic in French Polynesia (French: Haut commissaire de la Rpublique). French Polynesia also sends three deputies to the French National Assembly, one representing the Leeward Islands administrative subdivision and the south-western suburbs of Papeete, another one representing Papeete and its north-eastern suburbs, plus the commune (municipality) of Mo'orea-Mai'ao, the Tumotu-Gambier administrative division, and the Marquesas Islands administrative division, and the last one representing the rest of Tahiti and the Austral Islands administrative subdivision. French Polynesia also sends two senators to the French Senate. French Polynesians vote in the French presidential elections and at the 2007 French presidential election, in which the pro-independence leader Oscar Temaru openly called to vote for the Socialist candidate Sgolne Royal while the parties opposed to independence generally supported the center-right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, the turnout in French Polynesia was 69.12% in the first round of the election and 74.67% in the second round in favour of Nicolas Sarkozy ahead in both rounds of the election expressing their will to remain in the French Republic. (versus in Metropolitan France in the 2nd round: Nicolas Sarkozy 51.9%; Sgolne Royal 48.1%).