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SOUTH AFRICA // A view wo

SOUTH AFRICA // A view worth hiking for! We are loving this incredible shot of Ashley @travellushes at Lions Head, follow her page for more beautiful travels! ______ Are you part of our Facebook group? This is a great place to share your blog posts, travel tips and ask questions to other girls in the group! Don't forget to tag We Are Travel Girls and use #wearetravelgirls for feature! ______ #lionshead #capetown #southafrica #livetravelchannels #cntraveler #roamtheplanet #openmyworld #exploringtheglobe #makemoments #chasinglight #agameoftones

JORDAN // Do you agree th

JORDAN // Do you agree that this looks like the perfect place to take a dip? We are in awe of this stunning shot from Larita @your_passport in Jordan. Time to start booking our flights ______ You can now submit your photos for an Instagram feature on our site - We also search through photos tagged to our account and to the #WeAreTravelGirls ______ #jordan #deadsea #passionpassport #theworldshotz #ig_worldclub #travelstoke #livetravelchannels #cntraveler #huffposttravel

Going through my old phot

Going through my old photo albums of Damascuswhich I haven't been to in more than five yearsand came across this photo I took of a cafe across from the citadel. The photo dates back to one summer sometime between 2007-2009. Traditional cafes, such as this, in Damascus generally serve the purpose where married men go to unwind, play chess or backgammon, share stories, drink plenty of tea and smoke shisha; younger generations would normally visit more "happening" cafes. #worlderlust #livetravelchannels #travelgram #Syria #Damascus

A long time ago, a friend

A long time ago, a friend told me that life is a train ride, and people will hop on and off the train you're on. Some will stay for a while, some will leave at a nearby stop, and some will stay till the end of the ride. Some friends may ask you to change trains, and you may lose some of the old friends along the journey and some may join you. You may meet old friends at different stops. Sometimes you will jump off the train to another one, or go by foot alone for a while and wait at a stop for the right train to come. You never know where all trains go, and you may never really reach where you'd want to reach. A train may take you through dark places and through lush and vibrant worlds. What's important is that you know that everything is transient and that the only one who's with you all along from the beginning until the end is you. So learn to love yourself, to be alone with yourself and to be comfortable with being your own companion. You're the one friend you're born with and you're the one you take with to your own grave. #worlderlust #livetravelchannels #travelgram #Istanbul

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Transition metal compounds are paramagnetic when they have one or more unpaired d electrons. In octahedral complexes with between four and seven d electrons both high spin and low spin states are possible. Tetrahedral transition metal complexes such as [FeCl 4]2 are high spin because the crystal field splitting is small so that the energy to be gained by virtue of the electrons being in lower energy orbitals is always less than the energy needed to pair up the spins. Some compounds are diamagnetic. These include octahedral, low-spin, d6 and square-planar d8 complexes. In these cases, crystal field splitting is such that all the electrons are paired up. Ferromagnetism occurs when individual atoms are paramagnetic and the spin vectors are aligned parallel to each other in a crystalline material. Metallic iron and the alloy alnico are examples of ferromagnetic materials involving transition metals. Anti-ferromagnetism is another example of a magnetic property arising from a particular alignment of individual spins in the solid state.

The London Eye was formally opened by then Prime Minister Tony Blair on 31 December 1999, but did not open to the paying public until 9 March 2000 because of a capsule clutch problem. On 5 June 2008 it was announced that 30 million people had ridden the London Eye since it opened.

A taekwondo student typically wears a uniform (dobok ), often white but sometimes black (or other colors), with a belt tied around the waist. White uniforms are considered the traditional color and are encouraged for use at formal ceremonies such as belt tests and promotions. Colored uniforms are often reserved for special teams (such as demonstration teams or leadership teams) or higher-level instructors. There are at least two major styles of dobok, with the most obvious differences being in the style of jacket: (1) the cross-over front jacket (ITF style), (2) the V-neck or Y-neck jackets (no cross-over) typically worn by Kukkiwon/WT practitioners. White uniforms in the Kukkiwon/WT tradition will typically be white throughout the jacket (black along the collars for dan grades), while ITF-style uniforms are trimmed with a black border along the bottom of the jacket (for dan grades). The belt color and any insignia thereon indicate the student's rank. Different clubs and schools use different color schemes for belts. In general, the darker the color, the higher the rank. Taekwondo is traditionally performed in bare feet, although martial arts training shoes may sometimes be worn. When sparring, padded equipment is worn. In the ITF tradition, typically only the hands and feet are padded. For this reason, ITF sparring often employs only light-contact sparring. In the Kukkiwon/WT tradition, full-contact sparring is facilitated by the employment of more extensive equipment: padded helmets called homyun are always worn, as are padded torso protectors called hogu; feet, shins, groins, hands, and forearms protectors are also worn. The school or place where instruction is given is called the dojang (). Specifically, the term dojang refers to the area within the school in which martial arts instruction takes place; the word dojang is sometimes translated as gymnasium. In common usage the term dojang is often used to refer to the school as a whole. Modern dojangs often incorporate padded flooring, often incorporating red-and-blue patterns in the flooring to reflect the colors of the taegeuk symbol. Some dojangs have wooden flooring instead. The dojang is usually decorated with items such as flags, banners, belts, instructional materials, and traditional Korean calligraphy. The grandmaster of the dojang is called a gwanjangnim (); the master (senior instructor or head of dojang) is called sabeomnim (); the instructor is called gyosannim (); and the assistant instructor is called jogyonim ().