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#Repost @valerieschusterphotography (@get_repost) I changed my name from designyouruniverse_ to this one and it would be really really nice if you could spread the word, repost a picture or something like that :) (Epica at Summer Breeze 17) #epica #simonesimons #live #concert #epicalive #symphonicmetal #symphonic #metal #music #metalmusic #redhair #redhead #dutch #femalefronted #band #metalband #singer #hair #metalsinger #sboa2017 #summerbreeze #summerbreezeopenair #awesome #happy #openair #festival #dinkelsbhl #germany @epicaofficial @smoonstyle

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Live action (cinematography), film not produced using animation Live art Live radio, radio broadcast without delay Live television, television production broadcast in real-time, as events happen, in the present

Live! (TV channel), an Italian music television channel Live! with Kelly, a syndicated American television talk show BBC Radio 5 Live, the BBC's radio service providing live BBC News, phone-ins, and sports commentaries CILV-FM, branded LiVE 88.5, a radio station in Ottawa, Canada

Windows Live, the collective brand name for a group of Microsoft services currently under development Microsoft Office Live, an Internet-based software service Live coding, on-the-fly computer programming Live Search, The search engine previously known as MSN from Microsoft Xbox Live, online gaming service for Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 video game consoles YouTube Live, online annual live streaming event broadcast by YouTube Ableton Live, a software music sequencer, a peer-to-peer live streaming platform to watch people live code products. Live CD, an operating system that can boot and run from a read-only medium instead of a hard disk drive Live USB, a live operating system that runs off a USB flash drive AMD Live! .live, top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet

Live EP (Breaking Benjamin EP) Live (Roxus EP), a 1990 live extended play by Australian band Roxus "Live" (The Merry-Go-Round song) "Live" (Superfly song) "Live" (Russian song), song commemorating 2015 plane crash on Sinai

Many Live CDs are used for data recovery, computer forensics, disk imaging, system recovery and malware removal. The Tails operating system is aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity of its users, allowing them to work with sensitive documents without leaving a record on a computer's hard drive. The functionality of a live CD is also available with a bootable live USB flash drive, or even an external USB drive. Many live CDs offer the option of persistence by writing files to a hard drive or USB flash drive.