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The lighthouse was built in 1903 after that a Japanese ship sank nearby in 1901. The lighthouse, which is the tallest in South Korea, was designed by French architects and built by Chinese contractors, and was completed in December 1903. The lighthouse was built with bricks without the use of rebar despite its height; inside it is divided into six-storeys and each ceiling is decorated with pear tree flower in honor of the Joseon dynasty. The lighthouse is still active and operated by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, he died in Brooklyn, New York and was survived by an ex-wife, Barbara, and a son, Judah. 1975 (l to r) Bob Mayo, Peter Frampton, John Siomos, Stanley Sheldon photo: Richard E. Aarons Performance credits:

The company was first incorporated and licensed as "Air Speed Up" in May 2008. The Vietnamese name, Tng Tc, as spelled, means "speed up"; however, if written without accents (i.e., Tang Toc), the name would translate to "death and grief". For this reason, the company applied for a name change soon after it was licensed. Initially, company chairman H Hng Dng planned to purchase the Viet Airways brand owned by Jetstar Pacific Airlines, but Jetstar Pacific declined the sale, citing the desire to develop the Viet Airways brand in the future.

Indochina Airlines ended service to all destinations in November 2009. While active, it served the following destinations: Vietnam Nng Nng International Airport Hanoi Ni Bi International Airport Ho Chi Minh City Tn Sn Nht International Airport Base

The Indochina Airlines fleet at its peak consisted of two wet-leased Boeing 737-800s. Due to financial problems, the airline's last remaining aircraft was returned to its lessor Travel Service Airlines on November 25, 2009. Indochina Airlines was officially declared bankrupt on December 15, 2009.