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The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep, __________________________ @agameoftones @artofvisuals @discoverofearth @eifelexplorers @folkgreen @folkscenery @germanroamers @gramslayers @greatnorhtco @livingitrural @moodygrams @natgeocreative @naturegood @ourmoodydays @roamnation @stayandwander @visuallife @visualsoflife __________________________ #All2Epic #AmazingPhotoHunter #artofvisuals #CreateAndCapture #CreateCommune #CreativeLenses #earthpix #eifelexplorers #exklusive_shot #FatalFrames #gramslayers #HeaterCentral #ig_masterpiece #illGrammers #justgoshoot #killeverygram #LeagueofLenses #lensbible #Main_Vision #MoodyGrams #peoplescreatives #photooftheday #ShotzDelight #shutterslayerz #stayandwander #theIMAGED #VisualAmbassadors #visualperfectionists #way2ill #weroamgermany

iPhone  6s Plus
Hello a

iPhone 6s Plus . Hello again Adventurers! This is from early morning at Gasparilla Island State Park near Fort Myers, Florida. According to Florida folklore, Gasparilla Island gets its name from the legendary pirate captain Jos Gaspar, who had his base on the island and purportedly hid his fabulous treasure there. Which I never found. This is one of my favorite places to this date, in Florida! . The Problem is Not the Problem.The Problem is Your Attitude Towards the Problem~~~Captain Jack Sparrow . DONT FORGET! Riddle Moo This starts on Moody Monday. Have a great weekend Adventurers!! . . . . . #roamflorida #staysaltyflorida #pureflorida #fun_in_florida #sharealittlesunshine #gasparillaisland #floridaboy #stateparks #sunrisesunset #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #sunrise_sunsets_aroundtheworld #sunrise_lovers #earth_shotz #earthpic #nature_isa #outdoorlover #lensbible #sunshinestate #wanderlusters #hikingfun #hikingfun #hikinglife #loveflorida #lovefl #shadowandlight #floridablogger #morningbliss #rippleeffect #skypainter #floridalife

"Well when youre with you

"Well when youre with your friends, But youre lonely, You smile a smile thats not your own, When comfort comes from a strangers arms, Miles away from home, Though youre in a house, Dont mean its a home, Though youre in a crowd, Doesnt mean youre not alone." Passenger - Strangers . . . . . . . . . #NikonD3100 #Nikon #D3100 #dslrofficial #iamNikon #IndianPhotography #YourShotPhotographer #NikonArtists #NammaKarnatakaPhotographers #bleachmyfilm #snapseed #photographers_of_india #NikonPhotography #instaindians_ #_shoi_ #500px #nikonindia #nikonasia #indianphotographyclub #throughyourlens #laphotography #igersbangalore #desi_shutters #incredibleindia #photofie #lensbible #lochanappannahphotography #mypixeldiary #f4fofficial

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The developments that led to the First Balkan War did not go unnoticed by the Great Powers, but although there was an official consensus between the European Powers over the territorial integrity of the Ottoman Empire, which led to a stern warning to the Balkan states, unofficially each of them took a different diplomatic approach due to their conflicting interests in the area. As a result, any possible preventive effect of the common official warning was cancelled by the mixed unofficial signals, and failed to prevent or to stop the war: Russia was a prime mover in the establishment of the Balkan League and saw it as an essential tool in case of a future war against its rival, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But it was unaware of the Bulgarian plans over Thrace and Constantinople, territories on which it had long-held ambitions, and on which it had just secured a secret agreement of expansion from its allies France and Britain, as a reward for participating in the upcoming Great War against the Central Powers. France, not feeling ready for a war against Germany in 1912, took a totally negative position against the war, firmly informing its ally Russia that it would not take part in a potential conflict between Russia and Austria-Hungary if it resulted from the actions of the Balkan League. The French, however, failed to achieve British participation in a common intervention to stop the Balkan conflict. The British Empire, although officially a staunch supporter of the Ottoman Empire's integrity, took secret diplomatic steps encouraging Greek entry into the League in order to counteract Russian influence. At the same time, it encouraged Bulgarian aspirations over Thrace, preferring a Bulgarian Thrace to a Russian one, despite the assurances the British had given to the Russians in regard to their expansion there. Austria-Hungary, struggling for a port on the Adriatic and seeking ways for expansion in the south at the expense of the Ottoman Empire, was totally opposed to any other nation's expansion in the area. At the same time, the Habsburg empire had its own internal problems with significant Slav populations that campaigned against German-Hungarian control of the multinational state. Serbia, whose aspirations in the direction of Austrian-held Bosnia were no secret, was considered an enemy and the main tool of Russian machinations that were behind the agitation of Austria's Slav subjects. But Austria-Hungary failed to secure German backup for a firm reaction. Initially, Emperor Wilhelm II told the Archduke Franz Ferdinand that Germany was ready to support Austria in all circumstanceseven at the risk of a world war, but the Austro-Hungarians hesitated. Finally, in the German Imperial War Council of 8 December 1912 the consensus was that Germany would not be ready for war until at least mid-1914 and passed notes to that effect to the Habsburgs. Consequently, no actions could be taken when the Serbs acceded to the Austrian ultimatum of 18 October and withdrew from Albania. Germany, already heavily involved in internal Ottoman politics, officially opposed a war against the Empire. But, in her effort to win Bulgaria for the Central Powers, and seeing the inevitability of Ottoman disintegration, was toying with the idea of replacing the Balkan area of the Ottomans with a friendly Greater Bulgaria in her San Stefano bordersan idea that was based on the German origin of the Bulgarian King and his anti-Russian sentiments. The Second Balkan war was a catastrophic blow to Russian policies in the Balkans, which for centuries had focused on access to the "warm seas". First, it marked the end of the Balkan League, a vital arm of the Russian system of defense against Austria-Hungary. Second, the clearly pro-Serbian position Russia had been forced to take in the conflict, mainly due to Bulgaria's uncompromising aggressiveness, caused a permanent break-up between the two countries. Accordingly, Bulgaria reverted its policy to one closer to the Central Powers' understanding over an anti-Serbian front, due to its new national aspirations, now expressed mainly against Serbia. As a result, Serbia was isolated militarily against its rival Austria-Hungary, a development that eventually doomed Serbia in the coming war a year later. But, most damaging, the new situation effectively trapped Russian foreign policy: After 1913, Russia could not afford losing its last ally in this crucial area and thus had no alternatives but to unconditionally support Serbia when the crisis between Serbia and Austria broke out in 1914. This was a position that inevitably drew her, although unwillingly, into a World War with devastating results for her, since she was less prepared (both militarily and socially) for that event than any other Great Power. Austria-Hungary took alarm at the great increase in Serbia's territory at the expense of its national aspirations in the region, as well as Serbia's rising status, especially to Austria-Hungary's Slavic populations. This concern was shared by Germany, which saw Serbia as a satellite of Russia. This contributed significantly to the two Central Powers' willingness to go to war as soon as possible. Finally, when a Serbian backed organization assassinated the heir of the Austro-Hungarian throne, causing the 1914 July Crisis, nobody could stop the conflict and the First World War broke out.