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There was a time when Bri

There was a time when British colonialized Indonesia. If you remember your history lesson, one of the famous figure at that period is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. This monument is a memorial erected by him for his wife, Olivia Mariamne Raffles. People said the death of his wife was an event that devastated Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. . . . . #indonesiatravel #indonesia #photography #travelphotography #landscape #landscapephotography #bogor #kebunrayabogor #bogorbotanicalgarden #canoncamera #canonphotos #photographer #lightroom #world #history #worldhistory #indonesianhistory #canoncamera #landscapelover #dslrphotography #aroundtheworld

Lovely Arashiyama  Arashi

Lovely Arashiyama Arashiyama in Kyoto is the perfect place to go if you're a naturelover! You will find the famous bamboogrove, but also Japanese snowmonkeys and beautiful surroundings like these. Quite amazing, right? Read all about wonderful area in my newest blogpost (link in bio, Dutch)! . . #arashiyama #kyoto #kyotojapan #lovejapan #visitjapan #thisisjapan #igjapan #natureloversgallery #authenticonly #pursuepretty #landscape_perfection #naturephotography #landscapelover #travelnow #welltraveled #doyoutravel #postcardsfromtheworld #sharetravelpics #natgeotravel #natgeolandscape #weliketotravel #wonderful_places #bestplacestogo #lonelyplanetnl #theglobewanderer #worldtravelbook #globetrotter #travelphoto #guardiantravelsnaps #allaboutadventures

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Mr. Justice Cocklecarrot: well-meaning but ineffectual High Court judge, plagued by litigation involving the twelve red-bearded dwarfs. Often appears in Private Eye. Mrs. Justice Cocklecarrot: his wife. Very silent, until she observes that "Wivens has fallen down a manhole". An enquiry from the judge as to which Wivens that would be elicits the response "E. D. Wivens". After a worrying interval she reveals that E. D. Wivens is a cat. His Lordship observes that cats do not have initials. "This one does", says she. Tinklebury Snapdriver and Honeygander Gooseboote: two counsel. The elbow of one has a mysterious tendency to become jammed in the jaws of the other. Honeyweather Gooseboote, surely? Twelve red-bearded dwarfs, with a penchant for farcical litigation. Their names "appear to be" Scorpion de Rooftrouser, Cleveland Zackhouse, Frums Gillygottle, Edeledel Edel, Churm Rincewind, Sophus Barkayo-Tong, Amaninter Axling, Guttergorm Guttergormpton, Badly Oronparser, Listenis Youghaupt, Molonay Tubilderborst and Farjole Merrybody. They admit that these are not genuine names. (Further red-bearded dwarfs, to the number of forty-one, appear in other litigation.) Captain Foulenough: archetypal cad and gatecrasher who impersonates the upper class in order to wreck their social events. Educated at Narkover, a school specializing in card-playing, horse-racing and bribery. His title of "Captain" is probably spurious; but even if it had been a genuine military title, his use of it in civilian life, when at that time only officers who had achieved the rank of Major and above were allowed to do so, gives a subtle hint as to his nature. Mountfalcon Foulenough: his priggish nephew, who brings havoc to Narkover and "makes virtue seem even more horrifying than usual". Vita Brevis: debutante frequently plagued by, but with a certain reluctant admiration for, Captain Foulenough. Dr. Smart-Allick: genteel, but ludicrous and criminal, headmaster of Narkover. Miss Topsy Turvey: neighbouring headmistress, courted by Smart-Allick. Dr. Strabismus (whom God preserve) of Utrecht: eccentric scientist and inventor. Lord Shortcake: absent-minded peer obsessed by his enormous collection of goldfish. Mrs. McGurgle: seaside landlady. Fearsomely British, until she decides to reinvent her house as "Htel McGurgle et de l'Univers" to attract the tourists. Ministry of Bubbleblowing: possible ancestor of Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks. Charlie Suet: disastrous civil servant. Mimsie Slopcorner: his on-off girlfriend, an ill-informed and irritating social activist. The Filthistan Trio: Ashura, Kazbulah and Rizamughan, three Persians from "Thurralibad", two of whom play see-saw on a plank laid across the third. They have a series of contretemps with British bureaucracy and the artistic establishment, in which the trio generally represents the voice of reason. Dingi-Poos: the Tibetan Venus. She obtains desirable commercial contracts by using her charms to hoodwink visiting British envoys, principally Colonel Egham and Duncan Mince. Big White Carstairs: Buchanesque Empire builder, with a tendency to mislay his dress trousers. O. Thake: naive, accident-prone Old Etonian and man-about-town. Lady Cabstanleigh: Society hostess. Stultitia: her niece, a playwright. Boubou Flaring: glamorous but vacuous actress. Emilia Rustiguzzi: voluminous (both in bulk and in decibels) opera singer. Tumbelova, Serge Trouserin, Chuckusafiva: ballet dancers. Colin Velvette: ballet impresario. "Thunderbolt" Footle: handsome, socially celebrated boxer (who can do everything except actually fight) The M'Babwa of M'Gonkawiwi: African chief, who occasions great administrative problems in connection with his invitation to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The Clam of Chowdah: oriental potentate Mrs. Wretch: formerly the glamorous circus performer Miss Whackaway, now wife to Colonel Wretch and "horrible welfare worker". Roland Milk: insipid poet (possible ancestor of Private Eye's "E. J. Thribb"). Prodnose: humourless, reasonable oaf who interrupts Beachcomber's flights of fancy. (The name is journalistic slang for a sub-editor; the broadcaster Danny Baker has appropriated it as his Twitter name.)