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KT Bush Band, group formed by musician Kate Bush KT (film), a 2002 Japanese political thriller film, based on the real-life kidnapping of Kim Dae-jung Karlstads-Tidningen (KT), a Swedish newspaper released in Karlstad Knight (chess), a board game piece (as used in notation)

KT Corporation, a telecommunications company in South Korea, formerly Korea Telecom Kataller Toyama, a football club in Japan Kensington Temple, a Pentecostal church in west London, UK Koei Tecmo, a holding company created in 2009 by the merger of Japanese video game companies Koei and Tecmo Birgenair (IATA code KT), a former Turkish charter airline company with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey

KT Manu Musliar (born 1934), Indian Islamic scholar, orator, and writer K.T. McFarland (born 1951), American government official and political commentator K. T. Oslin (born 1942), American country music singer and songwriter K.T. Sankaran (born 1954), Indian judge KT Sullivan, American singer and actress KT Tunstall (born 1975), Scottish singer-songwriter Kola Tubosun, Nigerian writer and linguist

KT postcode area, UK, covering south west London and north Surrey in England Christmas Island [NATO country code: KT], an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean Kastoria, Greece (vehicle plate code KT) Katy, Texas, named after the railroad line Kansas-Texas-Missouri Kitzingen, Germany (vehicle plate code KT) Kuala Terengganu, a city in Malaysia Kutina, Croatia (vehicle plate code KT) Tarnw, Poland (vehicle plate code KT)

Kt, karat or Carat, in analyzing gold alloys kT (energy), in physics, used as a scaling factor for energy values in molecular-scale systems Kilotesla (kT), a unit of magnetic flux density Kiloton (kt), a measure of energy released in explosions motor torque constant (KT) Knot (unit), a unit of velocity (although "kn" is the preferred symbol) KosterlitzThouless transition in statistical mechanics