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.krd - the Internet Generic top-level domain for Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Karad railway station - Indian Railways station code for a railway station in Maharashtra Key Rate Duration - see Fixed-income attribution Key Retention Device - see Key retainer

KRDS (FM), a radio station (104.1 FM) licensed to serve Silverton, Colorado, United States KCHK-FM, a radio station (95.5 FM) licensed to serve New Prague, Minnesota, United States, which held the call sign KRDS-FM from 2002 to 2013

This engine has been used with certain variations in manned Russian space program since the Salyut 6 in Soviet times. The three main versions are: 11D426: Used as the main orbit correction engine of the Soyuz-T it was part of the integrated propulsion module KTDU-426 which was the big innovation introduced with that series. It enabled using fewer engines, increasing the reliability and reducing the weight of the spacecraft using a dual string redundant pressurization and propellant feed system for the main propulsion and the reaction control system. Since the latter could be used to de-orbit the spacecraft, it eliminated the need for backup orbital correction engine like the KTDU-35 required. S5.79 (AKA KRD-79): The orbit correction propulsion module of the second generation DOS stations, the Salyut-6 and Salyut-7 space stations, the Mir Core Module and the Zvezda ISS module. It was designed by KB KhIMMASH under RKK Energia specification based on the 11D426 design. It has improved life and restart capabilities, and is offered in a single compact unit. Each station has two of such engines. S5.80: An evolution of the 11D426 and S5.79 it is used on the KTDU-80 propulsion module that has been a staple of all Soyuz since the Soyuz-TM and Progress since the Progress-M. It has slightly reduced thrust but improved specific impulse, while improving engine life over the 11D426.

It is located at 596 m above sea level and has three platforms. As of 2016, a single broad gauge railway line exists and at this station, 39 trains stop. Kolhapur Airport is at distance of 76 kilometers.

Brown's premiership coincided with the global recession, during which Brown called for fiscal action in an attempt to stimulate aggregate demand. Domestically, Brown's administration introduced measures including a bank rescue package worth around 500 billion (approximately $850 billion), a temporary 2.5% cut in value-added tax and a "car scrappage" scheme.