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Came home after having se

Came home after having seen my fur-babies and saw this beauty in the yard. Her resemblances to Dany made me stare a bit and that was when she started meowing at me like she's known me forever. I couldn't record a video cuz I didn't have enough space and didn't wanna keep her waiting while I cleared up some. I gave her some of Dany and RJ's vitamin treats that I had but she seemed to be more hungry, so I went up and brought her the last of the kibble I had lying around. She was still hungry and I guessed thirsty too, so I also took her some homemade food (not a lot cuz it obviously had traces of spices and onions) she ate all of it. I guess I have a yard kitty too now. I think it's good to share if you do things like this, because it raises awareness. I don't mind if it looks too emotional, show-offy or whatever. This baby could have as easily been Dany and now that she's not, she gets to be her own person and still loved by me please do share if you do the same :) . . . . ( ) . . . . . :) :) @blackcatsruletheworld @black_cat_crew #darkness #black_cat #black_cats_of_ig #blackcat #blackcats #blackcatsrule #blackkitten #kitten #queen #cat_features @cats.365 #meowdels #catphotography #animalphotography #cutecatplus @kittens.hub #straykitten #cats_of_world #cats_of_instagram #catsofday #postyourpet #blackcatsrock #blackcatsmatter #teamfancykitty #elegantcats #excellent_cats #cute4kind #catstocker #stray

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In 1943, as part of the postwar plan for the company, Grumman started looking at entering the light aircraft market. The first design was the G-63 Kitten I which was an all-metal two/three-seat cabin monoplane with a retractable tailwheel landing gear and powered by a Lycoming O-290 piston engine. The aircraft first flew on 18 March 1944. Although testing continued, the aircraft did not enter production due to the continuing war effort. The original wing was replaced by a ducted mainplane to improve the lift/drag ration. On 4 February 1946, a version with a retractable nosewheel landing gear and dual controls, the G-72 Kitten II was flown. The Kitten II also has improvements to the wing and the single vertical tail was changed to twin fins, although it reverted to a single fin before it was flown. In 1947, the G-72 was modified for ducted-wing testing as the G-81, it was fitted with slotted flaps to induce slow flight. It was first flown on 11 February 1947, but the project was abandoned.

G-63 Kitten I Prototype with retractable tailwheel landing gear, one built. G-72 Kitten II Prototype with retractable nosewheel landing gear and dual controls, one built. G-81 G-72 modified for ducted-wing tests.

Data from General characteristics Crew: one Capacity: two or three passengers Length: 19 ft 10 in (6.06 m) Wingspan: 32 ft 0 in (9.75 m) Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.76 m) Wing area: 130 ft2 (12.08 m2) Empty weight: 1,145 lb (519 kg) Gross weight: 1,900 lb (862 kg) Powerplant: 1 Lycoming O-290-A flat-four piston engine, 125 hp (93 kW) Performance Maximum speed: 149 mph (238 km/h)

On October 30, 2000, was featured as a "Cruel Site of the Day" on the website When this attracted complaints, removed its links to Afterwards, however, when links to the website then spread across the world, many concerned animal lovers sent complaints to the Animal Welfare Institute and the Humane Society of the United States. Animal welfare groups made statements saying that Bonsai Kittens were not real. The URL drew criticism, which caused the initial host, MIT, to remove it.'s pictures show kittens in jars, presented as real examples of the "lost art" as described on the Bonsai Kitten web page. The spoof, according to "Dr. Chang", is that the world increasingly sees nature as a commodity, so such a site may well be in demand. The spoof came to large-scale attention as The Cruel Site of the Day for December 22, 2000, and was continually heavily condemned by animal rights organizations, and after hundreds of people complained daily to them, they stated that even if Bonsai Kitten was a spoof it "encourages animal cruelty". The webpage being featured on the website was significantly controversial and it was quickly removed. Initial humane society statements decrying the website as "encouraging abuse" caused local investigation, along with an FBI announcement that it was to investigate the hoax. The prosecution of the site by the FBI was welcomed by animal activists, but decried by web authorities. The FBI backed up its investigating of Bonsai Kitten by using a law signed by President Bill Clinton in 1999. The attacking of the website had the effect of displacing the website, which found a new ISP two more times, before being permanently hosted on servers. Because the website is still kept on some mirrors, it continues to receive complaints from animal activists. The furore over the site triggered by animal rights organizations has been offset by their continued statements that the site itself is a fake. They have been stating this since 2001.