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Good night  .

Good night . . Hasretim sana yar, seni sevmem bir kzlck ieinin baharna dnmesi gibidir. Senin baklarn mrm uzatan bir iksir. Ve ben sevgili, imdiye kadar hi hissetmediim duygular seninle yayorum. . . #good night #iyigeceler #cute#srkian#srk#iam @srk_is_love @srkajoladdicts @kajolsrkfc

If you're feeling down an

If you're feeling down and need some encouragement please watch!! In my weakness I am made strong. 2 Corinthians 12:9 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13 #Godisgood #biblestudy #encourage #strengthen #JesusChrist #Jesus #God #worship #Christian #Christianity #Christ #thecross #savior #salvation #theword #love #hope #future #joy #peace #humanity #Godislove #iloveyou #loveisthegreatest #holdme #comfortzone #kingofkings #lordoflords #HolySpirit #bodyofchrist

It's all about Reps. Whet

It's all about Reps. Whether your body or the Mind, you have to train it to go beyond failure every single day. Once you commit to something there's no way backing off. Was feeling half dead last night due to over 30 hours of travelling and jet lag. But what's got to be done , has to be done. 1 scoop of Pre Workout and reminding myself the reasons I am doing this for, helped me push through that Mind-Body Barrier . P.S. -Rack Pulls are one of the Best Exercises if you want to improve your Deadlifts and train that Posterior Chain at the same time. Here I am performing Overhand Grip Rack Pulls . Killed it @gethingymsmohali . #abhinavmahajan #strengthupgrade #thegrindisthelife #workoutmotivation #teamnofucksgiven #kingofkings #thebeard #beardedboy #cantstopme #rackpulls #mohali #workoutmotivation #teamnoexcuses #cantgiveup #lowerback #posteriorchain

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Following his 1970 loss, Bush was well known as a prominent Republican businessman from the "Sun Belt", a group of states in the Southern part of the country. Nixon noticed and appreciated the sacrifice Bush had made of his Congressional position, so he appointed him Ambassador to the United Nations. He was confirmed unanimously by the Senate, and served for two years, beginning in 1971.

In the January 26, 1987, issue of Time magazine, in an article entitled "Where Is the Real George Bush?" journalist Robert Ajemian reported that a friend of Bush's had urged him to spend several days at Camp David thinking through his plans for his prospective presidency, to which Bush is said to have responded in exasperation, "Oh, the vision thing." This oft-cited quote became a shorthand for the charge that Bush failed to contemplate or articulate important policy positions in a compelling and coherent manner. The phrase has since become a metonym for any politician's failure to incorporate a greater vision in a campaign, and has often been applied in the media to other politicians or public figures. Bush had been planning a presidential run since as early as 1985, and entered the Republican primary for President of the United States in October 1987. His challengers for the Republican presidential nomination included U.S. Senator Bob Dole of Kansas, U.S. Representative Jack Kemp of New York, former Governor Pete DuPont of Delaware, and conservative Christian televangelist Pat Robertson. Though considered the early frontrunner for the nomination, Bush came in third in the Iowa caucus, behind winner Dole and runner-up Robertson. Much as Reagan did in 1980, Bush reorganized his staff and concentrated on the New Hampshire primary. With Dole ahead in New Hampshire, Bush ran television commercials portraying the senator as a tax raiser; he rebounded to win the state's primary. Following the primary, Bush and Dole had a joint media appearance, when the interviewer asked Dole if he had anything to say to Bush, Dole said, in response to the ads, "yeah, stop lying about my record" in an angry tone. This is thought to have hurt Dole's campaign to Bush's benefit. Bush continued seeing victory, winning many Southern primaries as well. Once the multiple-state primaries such as Super Tuesday began, Bush's organizational strength and fundraising lead were impossible for the other candidates to match, and the nomination was his. Leading up to the 1988 Republican National Convention, there was much speculation as to Bush's choice of running mate. Bush chose little-known U.S. Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana, favored by conservatives. Despite Reagan's popularity, Bush trailed Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis, then Governor of Massachusetts, in most polls. Bush, occasionally criticized for his lack of eloquence when compared to Reagan, delivered a well-received speech at the 1988 Republican National Convention. Known as the "thousand points of light" speech, it described Bush's vision of America: he endorsed the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer in schools, capital punishment, gun rights, and opposed abortion. The speech at the convention included Bush's famous pledge: "Read my lips: no new taxes." The general election campaign between the two men was described in 2008 as one of the dirtiest in modern times. Bush blamed Dukakis for polluting the Boston Harbor as the Massachusetts governor. Bush also pointed out that Dukakis was opposed to a law that would require all students to say the Pledge of Allegiance, a topic well covered in Bush's nomination acceptance speech. Dukakis's unconditional opposition to capital punishment led to a pointed question being asked during the presidential debates. Moderator Bernard Shaw asked Dukakis if Dukakis would hypothetically support the death penalty if his wife, Kitty, were raped and murdered. Dukakis's response of no, as well as a provocative ad about convicted felon Willie Horton, contributed toward Bush's characterization of Dukakis as "soft on crime". Bush defeated Dukakis and his running mate, Lloyd Bentsen, in the Electoral College, by 426 to 111 (Bentsen received one vote from a faithless elector). In the nationwide popular vote, Bush took 53.4% of the ballots cast while Dukakis received 45.6%. Bush became the first serving Vice President to be elected President since Martin Van Buren in 1836 as well as the first person to succeed someone from his own party to the Presidency via election to the office in his own right since Herbert Hoover in 1929.