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ZEL SRMEL ATE KEHRBAR 10MM 7MM TANE EBATI 1000 AYAR KAZAZYE GM PSKL 210TL TM ALIVERLERDE KARTVZT BIAK VEYA ZPPO KBRT HEDYEDR rnlerde hata olutuu takdir de iade garantisi vardr. rnn ebatlar ile ilgili veyahut renk ile ilgili problemler de bire bir deiim mevcuttur. HAYIRLI ALIVERLER... CRETSZ KARGO !!! TRKYE GENELNE KARGO MKANI ANKARA ELDEN TESLM. ZEL SORULAR VE DER ETLER N WHATSAPP DAN ULAABLRSNZ. 0542 829 25 28 -WhatsApp 0542 829 25 28 -WhatsApp 0542 829 25 28 -WhatsApp 0542 829 25 28 -WhatsApp #atekehribar #skmakehribar #likeforlike#tesbih#tespih#rosary #yenimahalle#aksesuar #misbaha #faturan #moda #hediye #ankara #istanbul #butik #bujiteri #kazaziye #adana #followforfollow #trkiye #keiren #f4f #doumgn #misbah #amber #l4l#kehribar

Fiyat 230  Hareli Ate Keh

Fiyat 230 Hareli Ate Kehribar Tesbih 1000 Ayar Gm Pskl Kombinli zel Kadife Kutusunda stee Gre Yaz ve Resim Eklenmektedir letiim in Whatsapp : 0537-642-02-02 Whatsapp : 0537-642-02-02 Whatsapp : 0537-642-02-02 cretsiz Kargo Kapda Nakit ve Kredi Kart le deme %100 Mteri Memnuniyeti #tesbih #tesbihkutusu #tesbihane #tesbihlik #tesbihler #tesbihi #tesbihzel #tesbihcim #tesbihucu #tesbihtasarim #kehribar #kehribartesbih #kehribartespih #kehribartespih #atekehribar #atekehribar #ateskehribar #ateskehribartesbih #skmakehribar #skmakehribartesbih #sikmakehribar #kazaziye #kazaziyepskl

9 mm round shape green am

9 mm round shape green amber beads. 1000 k sterling silver kazaz/kazaziye tassel. Unique design. 9 mm kre kesim yesil toz kehribar tesbih. 1000 k gms trabzon kazaziye pskl ile. Harika tasarim. Essiz bir hediye. #kazaz #kazaziye #kazaztassel #1000ksterlingsilver #worrybeads #rosary #rosarybeads #komboloi #prayerbeads #amber #kehribar #kehribartesbih #ambertasbih #amberrosary #tesbih #tasbih #jewelrydesign #gemstones #healingstones #faturan #jade #greenjade #amethyst #agate #amazonite #coral #jasper #misbaha Iletisim ve fiyat bilgisi icin DM For order please contact DM

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