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In 1983, producer Mark Goodson teamed up with Orion Television (who had recently acquired the rights to Hollywood Squares) and NBC to create The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour. Rayburn, after a year as a morning show host in New York, agreed to return as host. However, few of the regular Squares cast appeared on this version. Jon Bauman ("Sha Na Na") was tapped to host the Hollywood Squares segment of the game, and he and Rayburn swapped seats while the other hosted his portion of the show. The primary announcer was Gene Wood, with Johnny Olson, Bob Hilton, and Rich Jeffries substituting. These rules were roughly the same as those of Match Game PM with both contestants given three chances apiece to match each panelist once. The lone noticeable difference was in the tie-breaker. Four answers to a Super Match-like statement (example: "_____, New Jersey") were secretly shown to the contestants (examples: "Atlantic City", "Hoboken", "Newark", "Trenton"). They each chose one by number. Then, as was the case in Match Game PM, the host polled the celebrities for verbal responses, and the first panelist to give an answer selected by one of the contestants won the game for that contestant. The winner of the Match Game segment played the returning champion in the Hollywood Squares segment with the eventual winner of Squares playing the Super-Match. In the Super Match, the Audience Match featured payoffs of $1,000, $500, and $250. If a contestant did not make an Audience Match, the game did not end, but the contestant was given $100 and the game continued to the Head to Head Match. For the Head-To-Head Match, the game reverted to the contestant picking the celebrity, and each celebrity had a hidden multiplier (10, 20, 30) for which the contestant would be playing for the number of times the Audience Match money won in the Head-To-Head Match, with the maximum amount available being $30,000. Champions remained on the program for up to five days unless defeated. The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour ran from October 31, 1983 to July 27, 1984. Several music cues from the program were used as background music during prize descriptions on The Price Is Right.

A Canadian revival of Match Game debuted on March 5, 2010, as Atomes crochus, a Qubcois version on V, with Alexandre Barrette as host and produced by Zone 3, in association with FremantleMedia North America. A coinciding English-language version debuted on The Comedy Network October 15, 2012 and was hosted by Darrin Rose, with Sen Cullen and Debra DiGiovanni as permanent panelists. On April 4, 2013, it was announced that due to high ratings, the show returned for a 60-episode second season, which premiered on September 2. The first English-language season shared studios with the French-language version in Montreal, with production of the English version moving to Showline Studios in Toronto for season 2. Gameplay is similar to the 1990 U.S. revival; two rounds are played, with all six celebrities participating in both rounds, and each match is worth 50 points (100 points starting in season 2). The third round is called Match-Up!, with each contestant given 45 seconds to match/his her chosen celebrity partner, and successful matches are again worth 50 points (100 starting in season 2). The contestant with more points at the end of this round wins the game and receives the cash equivalent of their score (for example, if the champion's final score was 450 points, the payoff would be $450). Unlike any previous version, the Audience Match portion of the "Super Match" is not played for a payoff, but simply to determine the value of the Head-to-Head Match. The potential payoffs are $2,000$1,500$1,000 ($2,500$2,000$1,500 starting in season 2), or $500 ($1,000 starting in season 2) for an unsuccessful match. If the champion manages a lucky Star Wheel spin, as in earlier versions, the value is doubled for a payoff of up to $4,000 ($5,000 starting in season 2).