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One of our favorite thing

One of our favorite things to do while traveling is find disc golf courses that are close to the route we're taking and stop off to play a round. Not only is it fun to explore new courses and new areas but it's a nice way to break up an otherwise long car ride. Yesterday we stopped at this awesome course that's about halfway between Stevens Point and Florence, which is super cool because that's a drive we're going to be making a lot over the next month. We played all 18 holes even though it started pouring rain on us after hole 15 . Nothing like getting caught in the rain with your boo. Nevertheless, here he is posing for a picture before the rain hit. . . . #discgolf #discgolflife #throwlikeagirl #womenwhodiscgolf #innovadiscs #growthesport #rainyday #kaylaitsines #kaylasgirls #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #kaylasbbg #sweatwithkayla #swk #sweat #bbg #bbggirls #bbgwisconsin #bbgmidwest #bbgcommunity #bbgtransformation #getoutside #freshair #fitness #fitspo

Hi #fitfam and #bbgfam to

Hi #fitfam and #bbgfam today is a rather rough day! Woke up really early to get #arms and #abs done before I head to the Greek embassy here in the Netherlands to renew my passport. Long story short, I had lots of walking in a very warm weather. Had to retake the pictures because they were smaller than required .Now It's all good! Returning home to get some work done . . . . #bbg#kaylasarmy#kaylasgirls#kaylaitsines#bbgstronger#strongnotskinny#workouts#fitnessjourney#fitnessmotivation#instagood#instadaily#workoutmotivation#workfromhome#eatclean#healthyeating#running#runnerscommunity#bbggirl#bbgprogress#bbgfam#bbgjourney#cute#bbgmotivation#bbgcommunity#backtoschool

Super super random lunch

Super super random lunch today - but it's delicious and has all my favorite things turkey burger cooked with salsa, yellow onion, and slow cooker pulled pork seasoning instead of taco seasoning (don't ask it's so damn good) mixed with pico de gayo. sliced pineapple Happy humpday babes! I will be posting later today with a few updates - LISS yesterday and what I have planned for today's adventure so stay tuned #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthyfood #healthyeating #wednesdayvibes #happyhumpday #cleaneatsnocheats #bbgprogress #bbgladies #bbgbabes #bbggirls #bbglove #bbgcommunity #bbgfamily #kaylasarmy #kaylasgirls #kaylaitsines #sweatwithkayla #deathbykayla #bbgarms #bbgabs #armsandabs #fitbabe #fitchicks

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Originally active from 1985 to 1996, the band had consistent commercial and critical success in Australia and New Zealand and international chart success in two phases, beginning with their self-titled debut album, which reached number twelve on the US Album Chart in 1987 and provided the Top Ten hits "Don't Dream It's Over" and "Something So Strong". Further international success came in the UK, Europe and South Africa with their third and fourth albums, Woodface and Together Alone and the compilation album Recurring Dream, which included the hits "Fall at Your Feet", "Weather with You", "Distant Sun", "Locked Out", "Instinct" and "Not the Girl You Think You Are". Neil and Tim Finn were each awarded an OBE in June 1993, for their contribution to the music of New Zealand. Founding drummer Hester left in May 1994 citing family reasons, but briefly returned for their "Farewell to the World" concerts in Melbourne and Sydney in 1996. Neil Finn had decided to end the band to concentrate on his solo career and the Finn Brothers project with Tim. On 26 March 2005 Hester died by suicide, aged 46. In 2006 the group re-formed with a new drummer Matt Sherrod and released two further albums (in 2007 and 2010), both of which reached number one on Australia's album chart. As of July 2010 the group has sold 10 million albums. In November 2016 they were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

Last lineup Neil Finn vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano (19851996, 20062010, 2016) Nick Seymour bass, backing vocals (19851989, 1989-1996, 20062010, 2016) Mark Hart guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (1992-1996, 20072010, 2016; touring member 1989-1992) Matt Sherrod drums, percussion, backing vocals (20072010, 2016) Former members Paul Hester drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals (19851994, 1996; died 2005) Tim Finn vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano (19901991; guest appearance 1996 and 2016) Peter Jones drums, backing vocals (19941996; guest appearance 1996; died 2012) Touring musicians Gill Civil keyboards (1986) Miffy Smith - keyboards (1986; U.K. and Europe) Eddie Rayner keyboards (1987, 1988) Mike Gubb keyboards (1988) Jules Bowen keyboards (199496) Liam Finn guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (20072008) Davey Lane guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (2007) Elroy Finn - guitars (2008, 2016) Don McGlashan - guitars, keyboards, mandolin, euphonium, vocals (2008) Harper Finn - keyboards (2016) Timeline

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