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Jinsi hater walivyonuna s

Jinsi hater walivyonuna saiv kuona wema kampost idris na idris kujibu kimahaba....ehee ndo mkome bwana kwan mlijua wameachana...mshazoea show off za baecation wakati nyuma anakusaliti akiingia chooni anaongea ba babe Dee...(.ooopppsss sorry...)..wauweeeee madame na idiriiiiissss forevaaaaa.... @idrissultan niliachaga kukupost baba coz nilikumind kinazi yan...ila no wahalaaaa meyyyyynnnn....we wetu tu na promo tunapiga...kwetu hakuna baecation kuna vacation...nama bado hapa tu wamebrake kanet bado internet haijaiva iko jikoni....kubababakeeeeee....kwan stimu si zinauzwa... @wemasepetu...yow ma main woman atiiii...yan umebrake kanet bado internet.... #sultanbyforemen#ndohabariyatown#heavensentalltheway...#kama unabisha kunya gundi pumbavuuuu...narud tena....

"Kama - sickle "
This far

"Kama - sickle " This farming tool is a very dangerous weapon. It can be applied, as a single or double weapon. I show here free practice of "TFS"-(taifushin) "Wind storm over the roof and trees " All Taifushin techniques derived from the wind, associate with nature. After showing each particular weapon ,we will start the study , next week . in the meanwhile enjoy and observe the spacial body dinamic ,way of using the chi and how to manipulate the weapon.VISIT TFS-FB PAGE LINK IN OUR BIO #kungfufighting#thaiboxingworld #muaythaidaily #kusarigama #taekwondo #brucelee #ufcfighter #kravmaga #mmafitness #gym#kama #fighter #bjj #budo #kyokushinkai #jiujitsu #spear#selfdefense #fighting #connormcgregor #taifushin #judo#kickboxing #boxingworld #flexibility #weapons#fighter #nunchakus#martialart #karate#jkd

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Even after his retirement, Troy McClure remains a popular supporting character. IGN ranked McClure first in their 2006 list of the "Top 25 Simpsons Peripheral Characters", calling him "a wonderfully bizarre and entertaining character that showcases the best of what small roles on The Simpsons can be". In a 2007 article on Simpsons guest stars, Adam Finley of TV Squad wrote that McClure was "responsible for some of the funniest moments in Simpsons history". Hartman ranked first on AOL's list of their favorite 25 Simpsons guest stars. Chris Turner argues in Planet Simpson that McClure and Lionel Hutz "together...represent the most significant contribution to the show outside of its permanent cast", adding that "the show's Golden Age is hard to imagine without them". He continues, "The smarmy Hollywood type...has been done to death, but Hartman's version breathed new life into it with each appearance. McClure has become the apotheosis of the stereotype, a gut-achingly funny reinterpretation whose trademark introduction...has become a shorthand way to describe any grossly artificial media figure." McClure's most prominent episode, "A Fish Called Selma", is a favorite of many of the show's staff members, and has been cited as one of the series' best episodes by several publications. Entertainment Weekly placed the episode eighth on their top 25 The Simpsons episode list, and IGN named the episode the best of the seventh season, calling it the "obvious pick". They also deemed McClure's Planet of the Apes musical the best moment of the episode and "maybe even the whole show". McClure was one of Phil Hartman's best known-roles. He often used his McClure voice to entertain the audience between takes while taping episodes of NewsRadio. He remarked, "My favorite fans are Troy McClure fans." He added "It's the one thing that I do in my life that's almost an avocation. I do it for the pure love of it." Many obituaries of Hartman mentioned his work as McClure as one of the highlights of his career. The BBC said that "[Hartman's] voice was known to millions" because of McClure and Lionel Hutz. The title of a song on American indie-rock band Yo La Tengo's ninth full-length album, And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House", is based upon a telethon that McClure hosts in the episode "Marge on the Lam". In an interview with the A.V. Club, Ira Kaplan, singer and guitarist in Yo La Tengo, states that James McNew, bassist in the band, titled a series of instrumentals used to develop the album based upon the Troy McClure filmography.