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Kak (clan), an Indian Hindu lineage, a Kashmiri Pandit surname Kerri-Anne Kennerley, an Australian television presenter and personality Ram Chandra Kak (1893-1983), Indian politician, chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Amar Nath Kak

Kak Commune, Bar Kaev District, Cambodia A psychedelic rock band fronted by Gary Lee Yoder. Kungliga Automobilklubben (KAK), a Swedish auto club, member of the FIA Kak, a ring-shaped bread or biscuit in Arab cuisine

In 2007 the Cambodian government made an agreement to lease the land to Shukaku Inc. for 99 years. This agreement has resulted in the filling of the lake with sand in order for the company to build condominiums and other complexes on the land. The change of the lake and the area surrounding the lake has had major social and environmental impact. Several non-governmental organizations in Cambodia as well as international actors have protested the destruction of Boeung Kak Lake. In 2010, 90 percent of the lake had already been filled with sand. As of 2015, roads and drainage infrastructure has been installed and real estate development is taking place there.

The Municipality of Phnom Penh announced on February 6, 2007 that they had granted a 99-year lease for the amount of US$79,002,000 for 133 hectares of land surrounding and including Boeung Kak Lake. The lease was given to a small private development called Shukaku Inc, which is owned by the wife of Lao Meng Khin, a senator for the Cambodian Peoples Party (CPP). In the lease the municipality predicted that 4,252 families in Sangkat Chak Khan Daun Penh and other areas around the lake would be affected. The development group Shukaku Inc. wanted to lease the land for the production of trade and service places for domestic and international tourists, as well as for building high-end condominiums. Shukaku Inc. later made a deal with a Chinese Investment Group called Erdos Hongjun Investment Corporation, which also were to help out with the building projects on the newly gained land. Shukaku has termed the development of the lake "Phnom Penh City Center", and has built an office, roads, and drainage infrastructure on site. Shukaku struck a joint venture with Chinese firm Erdos Hongjun Investment Corporation in 2010, but this collapsed in 2014. Beijing-based Graticity Real Estate Development bought 20 hectares from Shukaku and is now building the first major development at Boeng Kak, called "One Park".