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Karkkipiv karkkarilla #vol362 Kohtuu erikoista ett isukko on kynyt intin kultaisella 80-luvulla Savon Prikaatissa jkrikomppaniassa ja nythn ympyr sulkeutuu kun olen lytnyt itseni samasta komppaniasta majoittumasta omasta "kommuunista". Ei sentn sama tupa ja snkykin on oma, ei valtion. Hyv klltt, vet lohtukarkkeja sisns ja viett yns tll kun kotona ei ole. Melko #inttihonor ! #mikkeli #candyman #haamutvaeltaa #tyttretkyln

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Next up in the series: Get to know your admins part 1! Hi there, in Finland we got this thing called "inttihonor"... My more comfortable setups are based on that theme but my true love is in the -90's era Russian surplus. I will be posting more of that in the upcoming series so stay tuned! -R #airsoft #airsoftinternational #pewpew #airsofter #airsoftobsessed #milsim #worldairsoft #airsoftteam #airsoftanatolia #airsoftextreme #airsoftfinland #geardo #gearwhore #gear #training #airsoftgun #pkm #airsoftwars #inttihonor #reccecheese #worlddomination #jagel #camo #airsoftrussia #tgif #lekalooks #srmtst

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Colton was founded in 1875 and incorporated in 1887 but before its establishment, it was inhabited by the Serrano, Guachama, and San Gorgonio Indians. During the Mission Era the Mission San Gabriel established a Spanish settlement Politana in 1810, just northeast of what is now Colton. By 1840, Colton was part of two private ranchos, Jurupa and San Bernardino Rancho. From southwest area of modern-day Colton was known as "Agua Mansa" (Gentle Waters). It had been settled by New Mexico pioneers in 1842. What is currently known as Cooley Ranch was known as Indian Knolls for nearly 100 years. This is because the Indians living in what is now the San Bernardino Valley found refuge on the knolls of the property during the flood of 1862. The original owner of the property was George Cooley of Kent, England who had moved to Colton in 1853 and who purchased 200 acres at $3.50 an acre along the Santa Ana River the next year. Cooley was chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors in San Bernardino County. By 1873, the property had mushroomed into a 400-acre property. Eventually, when property taxes had increased, the property was sold to Villelli Enterprises of La Habra. The city was named after David Douty Colton, who had been a Brigadier General of the California State Militia in 1855, prior to the Civil War. He was later the Vice President of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Colton was created in its modern form when the Southern Pacific Railway was built heading east from Los Angeles in 1875. Virgil Earp lived in Colton at 528 West H Street where he was the towns first marshal. He resided in Colton from 1883 to 1889. Morgan Earp is buried at Hermosa Cemetery.

40 Glocc (born 1974) rapper Cam Carreon (19371987) baseball player Cesar D Valdez lawyer Kit Carson (19121983) baseball player George Caster (1907-1955) - baseball player Dennis Crane - football player, Detroit Lions Rich Dauer - baseball player, World Series champion Nicholas Porter Earp (18131907) father of Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp (18481929) frontier lawman Virgil Earp (18431905) frontier lawman, older brother of Wyatt Earp; 1st city marshal of Colton Gene Evans (1922-1998) - actor Jada Hart, tennis player Rodolfo Hernandez (1931-) - Medal of Honor recipient, Korean War Kat Von D aka Kathrine Drachenburg (born 1982) tattoo artist, star of LA Ink Ken Hubbs (1941-1964) - Chicago Cubs infielder, 1962 Rookie of the Year Jim Messina (1947) musician (Buffalo Springfield, Loggins & Messina) George T. Sakato - Medal of Honor recipient, World War II Jeremy Suarez (1990-) - actor, The Bernie Mac Show Jimmy Webb (1946-) - songwriter Susan Woodstra (1957) silver medalist, 1984 Summer Olympics, womens volleyball