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"ONE WORLD for CHILDREN" A song by #kimcommanders - - @acnur_unhcr_americas @everydayrefugees @savechildrenuk @savethechildren @helprefugeesuk @topvocalist @immigration.broadcast - Dear friends...In the name of the UNITY.. from the one who had no more tears..Let's live in a GLORIOUS PEACE... - #unicef #unityday #voices #violin #japanprize #asiangirls #omg #wow #wowmusicians #topvocalist #nigeria #singers #musicians #european #latina #violista #pianocover #acoustics #cover #coversong #cameroon #somalian #nobelprizes #producer #fpuindonesia #instagold #vivanews #lifestyles

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Evil in the religion of Ancient Egypt is known as Isfet, "disorder/violence". It is the opposite of Maat, "order", and embodied by the serpent god Apep, who routinely attempts to kill the sun god Ra and is stopped by nearly every other deity. Isfet is not a primordial force, but the consequence of free will and an individual's struggle against the non-existence embodied by Apep, as evidenced by the fact that it was born from Ra's umbilical cord instead of being recorded in the religion's creation myths.

All England matches are broadcast with full commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live. From the 200809 season until the 201718 season, England's home and away qualifiers, and friendlies both home and away are broadcast live on ITV (often with the exception of STV, the ITV affiliate in central and northern Scotland). England's away qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup were shown on Setanta Sports until that company's collapse. As a result of Setanta Sports's demise, England's World Cup qualifier in Ukraine on 10 October 2009 was shown in the United Kingdom on a pay-per-view basis via the internet only. This one-off event was the first time an England game had been screened in such a way. The number of subscribers, paying between 4.99 and 11.99 each, was estimated at between 250,000 and 300,000 and the total number of viewers at around 500,000.

Many missions are proposed, but not selected. For example, in 2011, the Explorers program received 22 full missions solicitations, 20 Missions of Opportunity, and 8 USPI. Missions of Opportunity (MO) are small collaborative missions with spacecraft not operated by NASA, such as an additional instrument. Examples of this include Astro-H, CINDI, TWINS, and HETE-2. Sometimes mission are only partially developed but must be stopped for financial, technological, or bureaucratic reasons. Some missions failed upon reaching orbit including WIRE and TERRIERS. Examples of missions that were not developed or cancelled were: Owl 1 Owl 2 MSS A CATSAT (STEDI 3) IMEX (UNEX 2) FAME (MIDEX 4) SPIDR (SMEX 8) GEMS (SMEX 13) Examples of recent missions conclusions, sometimes cancelled due to budget constraints: Galaxy Evolution Explorer - 2013 Rossi XTE - 2012 WISE - 2011 (Restarted in 2013 NEOWISE mission) Wilkinson MAP - 2010 TRACE - 2010 (Solar observatory, see Solar Dynamics Observatory) FAST - 2009

According to the radical nationalist group, Euskal Memoria, between 1960 and 2010 there were 465 deaths in the Basque Country due to (primarily Spanish) "state violence". This figure is considerably higher than those given elsewhere, which are usually between 250 and 300. Critics of ETA cite only 56 members of that organisation killed by state forces since 1975. ETA members and supporters routinely claim torture at the hands of Spanish police forces. While these claims are hard to verify, some convictions are based on confessions while prisoners are held incomunicado and without access to a lawyer of their choice, for a maximum of five days. These confessions are routinely repudiated by the defendants during trials as having been extracted under torture. There have been some successful prosecutions of proven tortures during the "dirty war" period of the mid-1980s, although the penalties have been considered by Amnesty International as unjustifiably light and lenient with co-conspirators and enablers. In this regard, Amnesty International has shown concern for the continuous disregard on the recommendations issued by the agency to prevent the alleged abuses to possibly take place. Also in this regard, ETA's manuals have been found instructing its members and supporters to claim routinely that they had been tortured while detained. Unai Romano's case has been very controversial. Pictures of him with a symmetrically swollen face of uncertain etiology were published after his incommunicado period leading to claims of police abuse and torture. Martxelo Otamendi, the ex-director of the Basque newspaper Euskaldunon Egunkaria, decided to bring charges in September 2008 against the Spanish Government in Strasbourg Court for "not inspecting properly" torture denounced cases. As a result of ETA's violence, threats and killings of journalists, Reporters Without Borders has included Spain in all six editions of its annual watchlist on press freedom. Thus, this NGO has included ETA in its watchlist "Predators of Press Freedom".