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Match her effort. Respect

Match her effort. Respect her hustle. Support her ambition. Protect her heart. Value her loyalty. Uplift her spirit. Love her unconditionally. & take dope insta pics together, always. #getyourashmoving #ilysm #heybbe

Are you a coronary artery

Are you a coronary artery? Cause you're wrapped all around my heart #4 #ilysm

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Monique Melendez of Billboard described the song as a "dance-meets-subdued pop rock track." Speaking about the song, Aoki said "We each brought our own musical style to the track to make a song that I am so excited for everyone to hear. Peter Rubinstein of YourEDM described the song as a "soaring progressive-tropical house track that features catchy vocals." The song has been streamed over 28 million times on Spotify.

Andy Argyrakis, indicating in a four star review from CCM Magazine, writes, "Special guest collaborators Trip Lee, FLAME, Derek Minor and Angie Rose add all the more star power and stylistic variety to this lively, coming of age collection that always keeps Christ at the center, even though it sounds right in step with any of todays top pop stars." Awarding the album three and a half stars at New Release Today, Amanda Brogan-DeWilde states, "Throughout Young Dangerous Heart, V.Rose displays a beautiful blend of innocence and wisdom. She relates well to the young, but her message is ageless. And it's definitely one that people can dance to." Vanessa Cohn, rating the album a 78 out of 100 from Jesus Wired, writes, "Although some songs lack quality in lyrics and have the tendency to be repetitive , there are songs that stand out as anthems, songs with catchy beats, along with two worship tunes to make the album worth listening to. V. Rose is a leading vocalist in the CHH and pop genres and with this release it can be expected for her career to grow even more." Giving the album four and a half stars for 365 Days of Inspiring Media, Joshua Andre says, "Young Dangerous Heart has only proved the contrary- that V has only expanded her sound, and drawn in a whole lot more listeners. Which is great news as V. Rose continues to bring her vibrant and unique brand of music to the world....these 45 minutes or so of pure pop CCM goodness is proof that she will be a star now and in the many years to come!"

NP contains all problems in P, since one can verify any instance of the problem by simply ignoring the proof and solving it. NP is contained in PSPACEto show this, it suffices to construct a PSPACE machine that loops over all proof strings and feeds each one to a polynomial-time verifier. Since a polynomial-time machine can only read polynomially many bits, it cannot use more than polynomial space, nor can it read a proof string occupying more than polynomial space (so we do not have to consider proofs longer than this). NP is also contained in EXPTIME, since the same algorithm operates in exponential time. co-NP contains those problems which have a simple proof for no instances, sometimes called counterexamples. For example, primality testing trivially lies in co-NP, since one can refute the primality of an integer by merely supplying a nontrivial factor. NP and co-NP together form the first level in the polynomial hierarchy, higher only than P. NP is defined using only deterministic machines. If we permit the verifier to be probabilistic (this however, is not necessarily a BPP machine), we get the class MA solvable using an Arthur-Merlin protocol with no communication from Arthur to Merlin. NP is a class of decision problems; the analogous class of function problems is FNP. The only known strict inclusions came from the time hierarchy theorem and the space hierarchy theorem, and respectively they are NP {\displaystyle \subsetneq } NEXPTIME and NP {\displaystyle \subsetneq } EXPSPACE.