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Why you go

Movember . . . Why you gotta be so fuckin' mean Said it's not your scene could you just leave me Alone with my friends alone with my thoughts But I often have thoughts that can't be shared and If you really cared about my health about my heart Then you would start keeping track of all the times You said that you we're fine but really weren't It's just like back in time when you were five The doctor said you would be fine But it still hurt and I'm still sure It was just a little trick to make us feel all right Now I smell like smoke and I feel like shit Probably couldn't hurt if I took a dip Maybe then I'll finally be as clean as I was back at eighteen 'Cause I'm not getting any younger My lungs get blacker every day If I were to grow a bread stop drinking beer I fear you might not Love me enough to make you stay I really hope you'll stay I know I said that it's not your problem I know I said that it's not your care This is a problem that can't get fixed With three drunk texts and one wet kiss . . . #emo #illustration #ilustracion #drawing #drawings #ink #blackandwhite #inkdrawing #sad #depression #pressure #park #parkbench #bench #bee #savethebees #dibujo #art #arte #vinyl #lyrics #albumart #lyricart #momjeans #love #chair #old #hurt #social #like4like

El viernes pasado estuvim

El viernes pasado estuvimos con la gente de @lavueltaalmes pintando un comic-mural inmenso . Todo esto en el marco de la 3ra Bienal de Diseo de la FADU. Fue una jornada bellsima (doble para los que volvieron a pintar el sbado) y la verdad que estoy sper feliz! . El mural es una cosa de locos, la calidad de todos los artistas y amigos reunidos en esa pared emana una energa tremenda. Ac les dejo unas fotos del proceso y un pequeo video filmado por @titihoon, pero la posta es que tienen que ir y recorrerlo en vivo y en directo. Gracias a Juan Puerto por invitarme a participar y por toda la mejor onda! Y a todos lxs chicxs de la vuelta! Nos merecemos un buen festejo . #muralesfadu #lavueltafadu #mural #comic #lavueltaalmes #fadu #uba #ilustracion #illustration

- Get that follow (catch

- Get that follow (catch it if you can) - C'mon people.. don't be shy and get that button. I'll follow back... just saying // Gente alcancen ese botn que nada les cuesta!! Los sigo de regreso... . . #RB #RBart #artwork #artist #draw #drawoftheday #digitaldraw #drawtime #digitalart #doodle #digitaldoodle #dibujodigital #follow4follow #followtime #followtrain #cartoon #cartoonart #illustration #ilustracion #artistoninstagram #instaart #instadoodle #artedigital #mexicanartist #thedesigntip #designspiration #graphicoftheday #artfido #simplycooldesign #artoholic

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A bridge was built over this river during the Spanish Colony, thanks to the initiative of Baltazar de Orena from Valle Town Hall and governor Pedro Mayen de la Rueda, who proposed its construction in 1579. The bridge was completed in 1592 under the director of architects Francisco Tirado and Diego Felipe. Years later, some repair were needed, and criollo poet and leader Francisco Antonio de Fuentes y Guzmn was in charge of the work. Back in those days, all merchandise that came to Santiago de los Caballeros city, the capital city, came through Acajutla harbor, and the bridge was built to avoid the inconveniences that occurred whenever the river was too high. The bridge is 117 metres (128 yd) long and 16 metres (18 yd) across. It was built above 11 arches and, after almost 500 years, still stands in spite of the strong current and the earthquakes and storms that have damaged the rest of Guatemalan infrastructure.

This project was developed in response to traffic congestion on Boston's historically tangled streets, which were laid out long before the advent of the automobile. As early as 1930, the city's Planning Board recommended a raised express highway running north-south through the downtown district, in order to draw traffic off the city streets. Commissioner of Public Works William Callahan promoted plans for an elevated expressway, which eventually was constructed between the downtown area and the waterfront. Governor John Volpe interceded in the 1950s to change the design of the last section of the Central Artery, putting it underground through the Dewey Square Tunnel. While traffic moved somewhat better, the other problems remained. There was chronic congestion on the Central Artery (I-93), an elevated six-lane highway through the center of downtown Boston, which was, in the words of Pete Sigmund, "like a funnel full of slowly-moving, or stopped, cars (and swearing motorists)." In 1959, the 1.5-mile-long (2.4 km) road section carried approximately 75,000 vehicles a day, but by the 1990s, this had grown to 190,000 vehicles a day. Traffic jams of 16 hours were predicted for 2010. The expressway had tight turns, an excessive number of entrances and exits, entrance ramps without merge lanes, and as the decades passed, had continually escalating vehicular traffic that was well beyond its design capacity. Local businesses again wanted relief, and city leaders sought a reuniting of the waterfront with the city, and nearby residents desired removal of the matte green-painted elevated road, which mayor Thomas Menino called Boston's "other Green Monster". MIT engineers Bill Reynolds and (eventual state Secretary of Transportation) Frederick P. Salvucci envisioned moving the whole expressway underground.