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. . G R E A T O F T H E D A Y . - - - --- --- - - - . C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S . . P H O T O @mverkadefotografie . . L O C A T I O N Kinderdijk, Netherlands. . S E L E C T E D B Y @kuesten_freak. . D A T E August 24th 2017. . - - - --- --- - - - . Thanks for follow T A G #lighthouses_windmills_gs . - - - --- --- - - - . Greatshots World Community @greatshots_world_community. . - - - --- --- - - - . #lighthouse#lighthouses#lighthouse_captures#lighthouse_lovers#lighthouse_world#nature_perfection#picoftheday#photooftheday#worldbestgram#windmill#windmills#kings_villages#instagood#all_my_own#ig_captures#ig_today#postcardsfromtheworld#molinos#srs_nature#shots_r_stars#marvelshots#leuchtturm#germanvision#ig_windmills#molino#srs_germany##mverkadefotografie_l_w_gs . - - - --- --- - - - .

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Paulo Henrique Amorim is Sociologist and Political scientist who has worked for big names of the Brazilian mass media, as Manchete Network, Grupo Abril, Jornal do Brasil, Globo Network, Bandeirantes Network and TV Cultura. From 2003 on, he's working for Record Network. In the online media, he worked for Zaz, Terra, UOL and Internet Group (iG). Today, he has his own dependent portal named Conversa Afiada, "located somewhere in the Web 2.0".

On May 31, 2011, the 18th Civil Chamber of the Court of Rio de Janeiro upheld the sentence of first instance that Amorim condemned to pay R$30,000 in damages to Ali Kamel. In the first degree sentence, Judge ledir Dias de Arajo stressed that journalistic criticism are sustainable and encourage people to form their opinions, but can not randomly or falsely impute crime to someone. "It remained proven abuse committed by the defendant to expose your opinion about the author's person, to relate it to the authorship of this book and also extremely offensive way, which entails the duty to indemnify.". To the judge, there is no doubt that there was offense "in two aspects, ie, it reaches its subjective honor, the intimate pain suffered by such placements and still achieves the objective honor, the aftermath of the fact the social environment they live and in the family ". On 14 September 2011, Amorim was convicted by the court of Rio de Janeiro to indemnify R$100,000 for pain and suffering and accusation without proof to the lawyer Nelio Machado. The blogger published in 2008, that the reason that lawyer has freed twice Daniel Dantas of prison is that he was "very smart carioca", met with advisors of the Minister Gilmar Mendes (STF) to bribe them, where after meeting Dantas who was released from custody. The meeting never took place. On January 23, 2012, was issued a judgment signed by Judge Daniel Luiz Maia Santos, of the 4th Civil Court of Sao Paulo, sentenced on January 9, Amorim pay $30,000 to Paulo Souza, for calling him on the blog " Paul African descent "and to disclose the address where she lives. [14] In the lawsuit, the judge rejected on the involvement of Paul Black with receiving stolen jewelry (to have been published in the ABC newspaper Diario days earlier), for calling his name to Operation Sand Castle on the case of Ring Road. However, the judge sentenced a journalist to disclose address (violation of privacy) and considered the nickname invented by the journalist as "discriminatory attitude" (racist) and ordered the payment of compensation. On February 24, 2012, was finally sentenced to indemnify Heraldo Pereira. Under the agreement, signed and recognized by the parties involved, Paulo Henrique Amorim has pledged to donate US $30,000 to a charity nominated by Heraldo Pereira as well as serve three notes of retractions in the papers state of So Paulo, Correio Brasiliense and blog Talk Sharp, including removing all offenses on the blog. On May 27, 2013, Amorim was convicted by the 18th Civil Court of Braslia to indemnify the minister of the Supreme Court, Gilmar Mendes, for offensive publications in your blog. In all, the blogger was sentenced to pay $100,000, which were donated to the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional (APAE) of Diamantino (MT), hometown of the minister. In another Heraldo Pereira's process, on June 20, 2013 Paulo Henrique Amorim was convicted of libel against Heraldo sorry for 1 year and 8 months was replaced by rights restrictions. On August 28, 2015, Paulo Henrique Amorim was sentenced again to indemnify the news director of TV Globo, Ali Kamel. Judge Lindalva Soares Silva, of the 44th Civil Court of Rio de Janeiro, set at $20,000 the amount to be paid by blogger for damages made in an interview with Unity, the Syndicate of Journalists of. According to the judge, "in a civilized society, a journalist needs to manage accurately and balance what you say, because this is the raw material of his work." Freedom of expression continues to judge, "can not break away from the standards of civilized coexistence, mutual respect, can they generate embarrassment of situations through disproportionate words, although tied to criticism." On October 6, 2015, Amorim was ordered to pay 30 minimum wages for offending journalist Merval Pereira. Amorim will have to serve their sentences immediately, even before the publication of the judgment of the trial of requests for clarification on the case. The 2nd group of the Supreme Court (STF) ruled that the appeal filed by Amorim has delaying nature and that there was a possibility worth prescribe the court expected publication of the decision. According to the Supreme Court decision, Amorim He was sentenced to one month and ten days' imprisonment, converted into restrictive prepayment penalty rights of 30 minimum wages, by publication made on his blog in 2012, which published a picture of Merval Pereira labeled "outlaw journalist" , unprovoked aggression. He appealed to the Supreme Court, but the appeal was denied follow-up by the rapporteur, Minister Celso de Mello, since the analysis of the case would depend on the take-factual evidentiary matter, which is prohibited by Precedent 279 of the Supreme Court.