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Termina (, Tarumina) is the name of a parallel world, or alternate reality, to Hyrule in Majora's Mask. The land has very similar geography to that of Hyrule and many of the characters are identical to the characters in Ocarina of Time. Notably, the Lost Woods appears in both games. The differences are the names of the locations and in Termina, there are four distinct regions, one in every compass direction, and the main town, Clock Town, in the center. Death Mountain and Woodfall are a pair, Ikana Canyon and the Gerudo Desert are a pair, the Great Bay and Lake Hylia, and Snowhead Mountain corresponds to Zora's Domain.

The Cobble are a race that appear in Phantom Hourglass. The Cobble once inhabited a prosperous land called the Cobble Kingdom. By the time the game takes place, the only Cobble that remain are ghosts of the soldiers and King Mutoh, who dress like Ancient Egyptians and reside within their respective temples, which are shaped like pyramids. The Isle of Ruins in the Northeastern Sea is all that remains of the once-mighty kingdom, and Link must visit there to retrieve the Aquanine, a pure metal entrusted to the Cobble by the Ocean King. There, he delves beneath Mutoh's Temple and destroys a corrupt Cobble war machine that has been disrupting the king's eternal rest. Also, Astrid, the fortune-teller living on the Isle of Ember, tells Link that she and her deceased assistant, Kayo, are part of the Cobble race.

The Kikwi (, Kyui-zoku) are a race in Skyward Sword who inhabit the Faron Woods region. They have the appearance of a black-and-white wingless bird wearing a mask. Their name, Kikwi, is a reference to both the kiwi bird and fruit - both of which they resemble. They have the ability to partially bury themselves underground and cause a plant to blossom from their backs for camouflage, though some are better at it than others. They have plant-like camouflage.

The Ancient Robots (RS-301) are a mechanical race from Skyward Sword. They were created by Lanayru, the Thunder Dragon, though the land they lived in eventually succumbed to time and became a barren desert while they rusted away. By using a Timeshift Stone they can be brought back to life and are shown to serve three purposes. Some of them mine for Timeshift Stones, one group was banded together to serve as protectors of one of the Sacred Flames, and a small number act as servants of the Thunder Dragon. In addition there is a band of Ancient Robot Pirates, though only two of them are seen throughout the entire game, LD-002S Scervo on the Sandship, and LD-003D Dreadfuse in the Sky Keep. During Link's quest for Nayru's Flame, Link is aided by a robot named Skipper, who is captain of the Sandship and its crew that lost his ship to the Pirate Scervo. Like most Ancient Robots, Link can only interact with Skipper in the Timeshifted past. Skipper aids Link in traversing the Lanayru Sand Sea using his Timeshift Stone powered motorboat, which can transform the impassible sea of sand into the ancient sea of water that once existed in the past. Also, Gondo, one of the citizens of Skyloft, owns an Ancient Robot that he inherited from his grandfather; at one point in the game this robot, named Scrapper, is restored to full functionality, and assists Link by carrying cumbersome items up to Skyloft from the surface. Gondo reveals that the Ancient Robots require the oil produced by Ancient Flowers to function. As these flowers can no longer be found in the present day Lanayru Desert, it is implied that the flowers disappearance resulted in the decline of the LD-301 Series Ancient Robots, though Link is able to obtain an Ancient Flower from the timeshifted past and Gondo is able to use its oil to repair Scrapper. Most ancient robots are part of the mass-produced LD-301 Series, including LD-301S Scrapper and LD-301N Skipper, while Servo and Dreadfuse are part of the LD-002 and LD-003 series, which unlike the LD-301 Series remain functional in the present. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, similar robots exist called Guardians and Divine Beasts. Divine Beast Vah Ruta represented Ruto and the Zora. Divine Beast Vah Rudania represents Darunia and the Gorons. Divine Beast Vah Naboris represents Nabooru and the Gerudo. Divine Beast Vah Medoh represents Medli and the Rito. The Guardians are ancient mechanisms with powerful sniper blasts. The robots were intended to be used to defeat Ganon, but Ganon used his power to turn the robots against Hyrule. Mipha, the Zora Princess and Champion, Urbosa, the Gerudo Champion, Daruk, the Goron Champion, and Revali, the Rito Champion, were killed by the Blight Ganons in the Divine Beasts. The Blight Ganons were Ganon's creations, representing the element of the Divine Beast i.e. Thunderblight Ganon for Vah Naboris of the Gerudo.