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The conversion of the abandoned cement factory from the late 19th century into RBTAs studios and Ricardo Bofills personal residence began with a process of destruction, demolishing pieces of the structures to reveal hidden forms. The factory lies directly next to Walden 7, in Sant Just Desvern, Spain. The remaining eight silos were transformed into offices, a model-making laboratory, archives, a library, a gigantic space known as "The Cathedral", used for meetings, exhibitions, concerts, and professional activities of the architect. Above the Cathedral lie Ricardos residence, green roofs and terraces. The entire complex was planted with lush gardens to create the effect of an oasis within the industrial area. The renovation project, which began in 1973, incorporates various architectural languages; Catalan Civic Gothic style and Surrealist elements and is an early example of European Post Modernism.

Cartier Headquarters. (Paris. Completed in 2002): Cartier main offices occupy a city block in Saint Honor district. The buildings form an interior court which will provide new spaces for Parisian fashion designers. Axa Headquarters. (25, Avenue Matignon, Paris. Completed in 1999): Renovation of an 18th-century building into an office building and an extension of 6,550 m2. Bank Paribas. (Paris. Completed in 1997): Project of an office complex crossed by a commercial passage in the centre of Paris. Olympic Swimming Pool Of Montpellier. (Completed In 1999): Sport facilities complex, which includes an Olympic pool, a leisure pool, a fitness club, a solarium, two restaurants and shops. Hotel Costes K. (before Kleber Palace. Paris. Completed in 1993): A luxury hotel equipped with 85 bedrooms and 7 storeys of underground parking, located near the Trocadro. G.a.n. Offices.(Paris. Completed in 1992): Design for an office building of 6,000 m2 for the insurance company GAN (Groupe dAssurances Nationales) Mercure Hotel. (Montpellier. Completed in 1992): A hotel situated at the entrance of the Antigone neighbourhood that concentrates a 100 rooms. Christian Dior Headquarters. (Paris. Completed in 1992): Restructuring project of an ancient building for office use and design of a new facade. Taller De Arquitectura Offices. (Paris. Completed in 1991): Renovation of the printing offices of Le Petit Parisien, originally the Teatre de lEscalier dOr, and conversion into a prestigious space to house the office of Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. Laire Des Volcans. (Clermont Ferrand. Completed in 1991): Project for the reconditioning of a parking area of the French Highway A71, on a 30 ha. site. The program includes a service station, a restaurant, a hotel, an exhibition centre displaying regional products. Decaux Offices. (Paris. Completed in 1991): A 5,000-sqm. office building for Decaux company. Le Port Juvenal. (Montpellier. Completed in 1989): Housing complex (350 apartments) in Antigone district. The Arsenal Music Center. (Metz. Completed in 1989): Project and Completed of a music centre, including the auditorium for the Lorraine Philharmonic Orchestra. Regional Government Headquarters Of Languedo-Roussillon. (Montpellier. Completed in 1988): First prize in a limited competition for the project of a regional government administrative centre. Rochas Headquarters. (Paris. Completed in 1987): A new faade of the headquarters building of La Societ de Parfums Rochas. Les Echelles De La Ville. (Montpellier. Completed in 1987): Project and construction of an office building in Antigone, to link the old city centre and the new district under construction. Domaine Chateau Lafit-Rothschild. (Pauillac. Completed in 1986): Project for the construction of wine cellars near Bordeaux. Les Temples Du Lac. (St. Quentin en Yvelines, near Versailles. Completed in 1986): 200 apartment complex and gardens related to the built projects Les Arcades du Lac and Le Viaduc. Les Echelles Du Baroque. (Paris. Completed in 1985 ): Complex of 272 apartments and shops. The two buildings are set around three plazas, one circular, one elliptical and the other in the form of an amphitheatre. Belvedere Saint Christophe. (Ville Nouvelle de Cergy Pontoise. Completed in 1985): 380-apartment complex with shops and a public garden around three plazas. La Place Du Nombre Dor. (Montpellier. Completed in 1984): 288 apartment complex and retail around a public plaza, that marks the beginning of the new urban axis of the Antigone new quarter. Les Espaces Dabraxas. (Marne la Valle. Completed in 1982): Social housing complex of 591 low cost apartments consisting of three buildings: Le Palacio, Le Thatre and LArc set in a public garden space. Les Arcades Du Lac. (Near Versailles. Completed in 1981): Social housing complex with 600 apartment units, public and private facilities. Antigone Quarter. (Montpellier. Completed in 1978): Urban development plan on a plot of 36 hectares. On an axis of 2 km, the realized project constitutes the harmonic and ordered expansion of the city towards the river Lez. The Taller is responsible for the ensemble of this new area of apartments, shops, public and private facilities and green spaces. Les Halles Garden. (Paris. Project 1975 Competition): Project for an urban space in the centre of Paris (old Baltard market Les Halles), with creation of garden, private housing units and public facilities. The first phase (housing) began in 1978, then was stopped by J. Chirac, Mayor of Paris, and finally demolished in 1979. Marca Hispanica Park. (Le Perthus, Spanish-French borders. Completed in 1976): The Pyramid is a monumental sculpture which involves and interacts with its environmental setting. It was commissioned and built in homage to the region of Catalonia.