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FEATURE REPOST // Thanks a million, dear team of @tv_hiddenbeauty, for this wonderful feature! It's just great to see (again) one of my pictures in your splendid gallery! . . . Repost @tv_hiddenbeauty (get_repost) Presents: Artist feature @fotolove_by_katrinmanz . ________________________________________ . Big congrats! . Please check out this iger's gallery and show some IG love to this awesome work! . Remember to tag #Tv_hiddenbeauty to get noticed by our team . Selected by: @urban_minimals_oslo ________________________________________ . Want to become a member of @Tv_hiddenbeauty ? Must follow and use valid tag #tv_hiddenbeauty . Membership by invitation only ________________________________________ #tv_hiddenbeauty#wallfilth#ig_treasures#popyacolour#pocket_collage#rsa_vsco#tv_monotones#filthyfacades#rsa_preciousjunk_#hiyapapayaphotoaday#rottenfeed#nothingisordinary_#tv_living#patina_perfection#jj_texture#transfer_visions#primepeel#macro_metal#gratelust#jj_cheers_walls#tv_retro#rainbow_wall#ihaveathingforwalls#rustlord_unity#royalsnappingartists#iz_mnml#tv_simplicity#walls_talking#colourit_up

It's nearly freedom Frida

It's nearly freedom Friday @allison_sadler_ #freeupmyinsta I really don't want it to be Friday as this is my last one off. Right now though still smiling, thoroughly enjoying being in my happy place getting my Vitamin sea everyday and getting in the frame. Have a good one. . . . . . . . . . . . #hurrayforplay #seekthepositive #embraceeverydayjoyfully #shf_mum #hiyapapayaphotoaday #nothingisordinary_ #pocket_family_member #pocket_people #saltieselfie #saltwatersandals #tuclothing #mystyle #realmumstyle #instastyle #iwillwearwhatilike #caughtflowerhanded #fashionover40 #styleover40 #wonderfolk #teachersofinstagram #myhappyviews #mybeautifulsimplicity #summerholidays2017 #flashesofdelight #abmlifeisbeautiful #shared_joy #whatiwore #instafashion #thehappynow

(Long post alert)

(Long post alert) HAPPY Thursday Pink pretties and coffee anyone? coz that's how I feel today . If you had seen my stories, we went to dinner with my hub's friend and colleague. Madhav has not been to dinners and stuff much until now coz he's not used to those dark ambience and starts crying once we enter the place . So, I was really scared how we were going to cope up yday and I thought it would be one of those dinners where either of us would manage him and the other one would eat.. . To my astonishment, he started smiling once we entered our table and happily enjoyed the place for the next 2 hours. Can you believe that he sat in the same place for 2 hrs talking all along and did not become cranky for even a moment. . All of them at the hotel were smitten with him and he even had his part of soup and starters. My hubby's friend did not want to leave him at all at the eod. I'm one proud momma today, he's becoming one smart big boy isn't he . I'm so excited and happy coz this is the first time we had our perfect dinner with him and enjoyed % and I wanted to record it here so that it will stay forever in my heart Sorry for the long post, you know how excited I'm right? . I slept at 12 am and its going to be very hectic at work for the next 2/3 weeks, but I'm so happy that we had such a midweek blush amidst our routine x Thank you if you have come reading this far and I hope you have a lovely day/evening/night #writeitonmyheart #quietchaotics . . . . . . . . . . . . #seekthepositive #shared_joy #lovely_squares_1 #global_ladies #Click_Vision #snap_ish #hiyapapayaphotoaday #rainbow_wall #creativelysquared #pocket_creative #simpleandstill #loveliest4 #floral_faffery #tv_stillLife #still_life_gallery #jj_still_life #stilllife_perfection #jj_lookingdown #flatlay_moment #JJ_forum_2000

Happy Friday  || I woke u

Happy Friday || I woke up today from a terrible dream but with a happy ending lol and I just felt like reminding myself that we only have today. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. And I know that when it gets to the technical stuff like planning a meeting or expecting a visit, you have to rely on tomorrow, but our overall decision making should be based on the fact that life is short, it's a small world, and you have to work for what you want. It's the process we actually live through so we might as well make the most of it. . . . . #hiyapapayaphotoaday #lovely_squares_1 #seekthepositive #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #momentsofmine #pursuepretty #beautifulthings #beautifulmatters #pocket_creative #abmlifeiscolorful #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmhappylife #dspink #beatyesterday #goals #dailyquote #dailymotivation #dailyinspiration #nothingisordinary_ #inspirationalquotes

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Comedians historically included the pioneer of Slovene comedy plays Anton Toma Linhart and much later singer-songwriter Frane Milinski (19141988), the socialist period comedian and journalist Tone Fornezzi, the Italian-style comedians Nataa Ti Raljan with her Mona Liza character, Gojmir Lenjak, and Boris Kobal with the characters from the legendary TV Poper Show, and the leading Slovene impersonator Sao Hribar with his Radio Ga-Ga Show. The new generation of comedians include stand up comedians, such as Tin Vodopivec, who co-founded the Punch Festival, the radio host and impersonator Denis Avdi, and The Elephant and a Fruit group.

Slovenia's visual arts, architecture, and design are shaped by a number of architects, designers, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphics artists, as well as comics, illustration and conceptual artists. The most prestigious institutions exhibiting works of Slovene visual artists are the National Gallery of Slovenia and the Museum of Modern Art. Architecture Modern architecture in Slovenia was introduced by Max Fabiani, and in the mid-war period, Joe Plenik and Ivan Vurnik. In the second half of the 20th century, the national and universal style were merged by the architects Edvard Ravnikar and first generation of his students: Milan Miheli, Stanko Kristl, Savin Sever. Next generation is mainly still active Marko Mui, Vojteh Ravnikar, Jurij Kobe and groups of younger architects. Comics and animation Milko Bambi is known for the first Slovene comic strip Little Negro Bu-ci-bu, an allegory of Mussolini's career, and as the creator of the Three Hearts (Tri srca) brand, still used today by Radenska. After the WW II, both the comics and animated advertisements drawn by Miki Muster gained popularity in Slovenia. The first Slovenian animated feature film was the 1998 Socialization of a Bull, made by Zvonko oh and Milan Eri who together drew fifty thousand frames during the ten years of its making. The first entirely computer made animations are the 2003 Perkmandeljc and the 2008 ikorja an' kafe, both made by Duan Kastelic. Conceptual art A number of conceptual visual art groups formed, including OHO, Group 69, and IRWIN. Nowadays, the Slovene visual arts are diverse, based on tradition, reflect the influence of neighboring nations and are intertwinned with modern European movements. Design Internationally most notable Slovenian design items include the 1952 Rex chair, a Scandinavian design-inspired wooden chair, by interior designer Niko Kralj that was given in 2012 a permanent place in Designmuseum, Denmark, the largest museum of design in Scandinavia, and is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art MOMA in New York, as well. An industrial design item that has changed the international ski industry is Elan SCX by Elan company. Even before the Elan SCX, Elan skis were depicted in two films, the 1985 James Bond film series part A View to a Kill with Roger Moore, and Working Girl where Katharine Parker (Sigourney Weaver) was depicted as skiing on the RC ELAN model skis and poles. Sculpture The renewal of Slovene sculpture begun with Alojz Gangl (18591935) who created sculptures for the public monuments of the Carniolan polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor and Valentin Vodnik, the first Slovene poet and journalist, as well as The Genius of the Theatre and other statues for the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre building. The development of sculpture after World War II was led by a number of artists, including brothers Boris and Zdenko Kalin, Jakob Savinek stayed with figural art. Younger sculptors, for example Janez Boljka, Drago Trar and particularly Slavko Tihec, moved towards abstract forms. Jakov Brdar and Mirsad Begi returned to human figures. Graphics During World War II, numerous graphics were created by Boidar Jakac, who helped establish the post-war Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. In 1917 Hinko Smrekar illustrated Fran Levstik's book about the well-known Slovene folk hero Martin Krpan. The children's books illustrators include a number of women illustrators, such as Marlenka Stupica, Marija Lucija Stupica, Anka Gonik Godec, Marjanca Jemec Boi, and Jelka Reichman. Many generations of children have been educated by the technical and science illustrations created by Boo Kos and published in Slovenian children's magazines, such as Ciciban. Recently, Lila Prap's illustrations gained popularity in Japan, where children's' cartoons based on her illustrations have been televised. Painting Historically, painting and sculpture in Slovenia was in the late 18th and the 19th century marked by Neoclassicism (Matev Langus), Biedermeier (Giuseppe Tominz) and Romanticism (Mihael Stroj). The first art exhibition in Slovenia was organized in the late 19th century by Ivana Kobilica, a woman-painter who worked in realistic tradition. Impressionist artists include Matej Sternen, Matija Jama, Rihard Jakopi, Ivan Grohar whose The Sower (Slovene: Sejalec) was depicted on the 0.05 Slovenian euro coins, and Franc Berneker, who introduced the impressionism to Slovenia. Espressionist painters include Veno Pilon and Tone Kralj whose picture book, reprinted thirteen times, is now the most recognisable image of the folk hero Martin Krpan. Some of the best known painters in the second half of the 20th century were Zoran Mui, Gabrijel Stupica and Marij Pregelj. Photography In 1841, Janez Puhar (18141864) invented a process for photography on glass, recognized on 17 June 1852 in Paris by the Acadmie Nationale Agricole, Manufacturire et Commerciale. Gojmir Anton Kos was a notable realist painter and photographer between First World War and WW II. The first photographer from Slovenia whose work was published by National Geographic magazine is Arne Hodali.