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Producer Clams Casino has been credited as pioneering the cloud rap sound as far back as 2010. The production of cloud rap music has been described as "hazy", often including "ethereal vocal samples" and the "aesthetics of bedroom electronic producers". In a 2010 article, Walker Chambliss presumed that the term was invented by music writer Noz while interviewing rapper Lil B, but the interview in question did not actually include the phrase. Cloud rap artists have been noted to employ "chant-like" vocal samples, as to create a "surreal" effect. According to Nico Amarca of Highsnobiety, the genre was initially defined by the use of "nonsensical catchphrases and Twitter baits", as to parody and embrace internet culture, from which it was created. Amarca also believed Yung Lean to have changed cloud rap through his "melancholic, dreamy rapping". According to FACT, the genre describes "pretty much any lo-fi, hazy rap that makes its way to the net". The genre garnered mainstream attention when rapper A$AP Rocky debuted in 2011. Cloud rap has gotten popular on the "blogosphere", but its general interest has waned. Notable cloud rap releases include A$AP Rocky's Live. Love. A$AP and Long.Live.A$AP. Walker Chambliss, also known as Walkmasterflex, released 3 Years Ahead: The Cloud Rap Tape, which FACT described as defining for the genre.

Kippenberger started as an industrial design student in San Francisco after which he moved to LA and began working in the film industry in post production at Kodak/Cinesite in the late 90s. After his time in Los Angeles Kippenberger returned to Europe where he continued working in the industry with RSA/Black Dog as a music video director. He also helped create VBS later with Spike Jonze.

Specializing in high tech engineering and manufacturing as well as supplying infrastructure the studio advises clients: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Vimeo, Intel and Google on strategy, content manufacturing and online publishing. Studio Kippenberger is known for having the unique ability to carve a niche in the content market, stand out and produce products away from the continuously homogenised world of big agency dealings. has referred to Studio Kippenberger as "a content, strategy and distribution machine with a difference." As well as crediting them with "Changing the way we consume content".

As an early pioneer in the field of UAV videography, Kippenberger stated in a 2012 interview published in Wired: Drones are strictly tools [for] creating a certain look we want to achieve. This is only the very early beginning of this movement and we are thrilled to be involved at such an early stage" Kippenberger is a regular featured session speaker, see--- Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference held at New York University in October 2013. Kippenberger founded Studio Kippenberger. The first person to film the legendary Nordschleife racetrack via UAV technology, Kippenberger has been dubbed "The Most Interesting Man in Car Porn" by Jalopnik as well as "the Terry Richardson of car videos" by GTspirit online magazine and the "King of Car Porn" by Ulf Poschardt in Die Welt For the TED Conference in Berlin Germany, Kippenberger had artists and independent filmmakers pick a Berlin landmark and use camera-equipped drones to capture it on video. From this, Kippenberger created a historic view of the city from an entirely new perspective.