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BREAKING: The world's lar

BREAKING: The world's largest #meat producer, JBS, has committed to #bancages from its #egg supply chain by 2020. The decision, made after dialogue with @animalequality, will have a major impact on the lives of #hens who are exploited for their eggs. While #cagefree doesn't mean #crueltyfree, we believe this is an important step towards a more #compassionate world for all #animals. . . . #animalequality #animalrights #choosecompassion #friendsnotfood #loveanimalseatplants #lovehens #tryvegan #plantbased

I love my girlsI raised m

I love my girlsI raised my girls from chicks that I got from what I was told was a farm that did not cull males & I got them before I became vegan and was just vegetarian. I spoil my girls, the best food, greens & a bread treat every day. 2 umbrellas to shade their pen. 4 water containers to make sure they don't ever have to go far for a drink and they will always be loved as a part of my family. They bring me such happiness. One of my girls, Mabelle had an illness when she was young and it paralyzed her toes. I carry her wherever she needs to go and she gets around slowly happily and eats well and drinks well. I never posted pics of them, because I was afraid of 'vegan judgement'. I do give their eggs to my family members who are not vegans I myself do not eat them. So I guess I wanted to share my story of how this vegan has chickens and that not all situations are how they seem to people who only see things one way. I hope you think they are as beautiful as I do. . . #chickens #vegan #vegans #vegansofig #veganaf #hens #beautiful #happy #happyhens #mystory #thegirls

This moment was one that

This moment was one that I've wanted to experience since becoming a chicken owner and learning about them, but didn't think it would happen anytime soon or without planning. A couple of weeks ago one of our 14 hens went missing and it happened to be one of my boyfriends favorites, one of our buff orpingtons. We concluded that she either got picked off by a hawk (they free range) or she was hiding a clutch of eggs somewhere and went broody (aka, baby fever). Two weeks later she shows up to get food and water! She lives!! We ended up finding her nest which was ridiculously close, she was sitting on 15 eggs! Sadly, we don't have a rooster so these eggs will never hatch. It just so happened that we had just bought 8 more chicks from coastal farms (because we have an addiction). So at night, while she was relaxed, we took out the eggs from under her and replaced them with our 8 baby chicks, crossed our fingers and said a prayer! Now she is the proud mother of 4 Silver Laced Wyandottes and 4 Ameraucanas. She is such a good momma. #broody #motherhood #chicks #hens #raisingchickens

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Hen (name), a given name and surname Hen (pronoun), a Swedish gender-neutral pronoun Symphony No. 83 (Haydn), nicknamed "The Hen" Hen (manga), a 1988 manga created by Hiroya Oku HEN, UCI team code for Hengxiang Cycling Team Hen., an abbreviation of the name Henry

Professional baseball had been played off and on in Toledo since 1883, but the Mud Hens era began in 1896 with the "Swamp Angels", who played in the Interstate League. They played in Bay View Park, which was outside the Toledo city limits and therefore not covered by the city's blue laws. The park was located near marshland inhabited by American coots, also known as "mud hens." For this reason, the local press soon dubbed the team the "Mud Hens"a nickname that has stuck to Toledo baseball teams for all but a few years since. After only one year, though, the team moved to Armory Park.

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M*A*S*H character Maxwell Klinger (played by Jamie Farr) hailed from Toledo and often mentioned the Mud Hens as his favorite baseball team throughout the series. He was often seen wearing a Toledo Mud Hens jersey and cap. Like Klinger, Farr was born and raised in Toledo. In fact, Klinger feels so strongly about the Mud Hens that he gets put on KP duty for a month when he hits his mortal enemy Sgt Zelmo Zale, who insulted the Mud Hens. The Mud Hens retired jersey #1 in Farr's honor. The title character of the comic strip Crankshaft was a pitcher for the Mud Hens just before World War II when he enlisted in the Army. He invariably wears a Mud Hens cap in the strip, and reminisces often about his playing days. In the summer of 2016 the Mud Hens retired jersey #13 in Crankshaft's honor. Lou Brown, manager of the Cleveland Indians in the film Major League, managed in Toledo prior to managing the Indians. Richard Pryor's character, Montgomery Brewster, in the 1985 film Brewster's Millions was said to have previously pitched for the Mud Hens.

The University of Delaware sponsors teams in eight men's and thirteen women's NCAA sanctioned sports: The Blue Hens have won twenty-two team CAA Championships since joining in 2001. In January 2011, UD announced that men's cross country and outdoor track & field teams would be reclassified to club status, while women's golf would be added. On November 20, 2016, the Delaware women's field hockey team won the 2016 NCAA Division I championship, defeating North Carolina, 32.