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A successful and strong woman commands the respect of those around her. She feels no need to interact with those who lack that respect. Most importantly, she feels no need to explain her actions to anyone. She's too focused on her goals and dreams. Respect is earned not given, so if you want respect, you have to be willing to give others the same. More power to you boo. You're doing you're thing! #motivationalquotes #earnednotgiven #striveforgreatness #workhardplayhard #buildyourempire #hardworkpaysoff #staystrong #bossladies #bossmindset #strongwomen #classy #intelligence #success #confidence #respect #strength #beauty #wealth #ambition #smile #havefun #luxurylifestyle #life #peace#tooblessedtobestressed #livelaughlove #focusonyourself #followyourdreams #beyourself #behappy

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Prudhomme rose to popularity at the age of 17 with several unofficial remixes of hip-hop artists such as The Pack, Danny Brown & Main Attrakionz. He released his self-titled debut mixtape in 2012, which included a remix of Three Six Mafias Late Night Tip. In May 2013, Prudhomme released his second original mixtape titled Japan, a conceptual piece detailing the last 7 months of his life. The track CCCXXV was used by Swedish artist Yung Lean for Hurt, the lead single from his debut mixtape Unknown Death 2002. Shortly after Japan's release, Prudhomme was sought by Parisian artist Brodinski after airing several tracks on BBC Radio 1. Suicideyear released the single Finale as a 12 split on Brodinskis Bromance label on June 3, 2013, and he's contributed several tracks to Bromance's Homieland compilation releases. Suicideyear signed to Software Recording Co. in July 2014 after Japan caught the ear of label head Oneohtrix Point Never. Along with the signing, Software announced the release of his debut EP, Remembrance. The project was written and produced between Florida and Louisiana, reflecting on themes of love and loss against the backdrop of the deep American south. The release displays emotions of melancholy and ends with a cover of My Bloody Valentines When You Sleep. Pitchfork stated, Suicideyear combines the clean melodic lines of late-1990s IDM with the slow-burn anxiety of Zaytoven. Software Label re-issued Japan on vinyl and as a dual CD alongside Remembrance titled DREAM 727 in March 2015. The release included a cover of Britney Spears Everytime. A vocal version of his track "Scarr", featuring UK grime MC K9 was released following DREAM 727. The single was accompanied by a video directed by Jim Alexander. Prudhomme released a collaborative mixtape with fellow Louisiana producer Outthepound, titled Brothers on December 28, 2016. The 23-minute piece marked the return from a near 2 year hiatus. In the Spring of 2017, Suicideyear signed to the Scottish label LuckyMe. He released a 6 track EP titled "Hate Songs" on July 28, 2017.

Saint Pepsi - "Fiona Coyne" (Suicideyear Remix) - Carpark Records Jacques Greene - "After Life After Party: (Suicideyear Remix) - LuckyMe Mikky Ekko - "Mourning Doves" (Suicideyear Remix ft. Denzel Curry) - RCA Dark0 - "Abrasion" (Suicideyear Remix) - Rinse 18+ - "Cake" (Suicideyear remix) - Houndstooth Autre Ne Veut - Panic Room (Suicideyear Remix) - Downtown Records

Anguilla's thin arid soil being largely unsuitable for agriculture, the island has few land-based natural resources. Its main industries are tourism, offshore incorporation and management, offshore banking, captive insurance and fishing. Before the 2008 worldwide crisis the economy of Anguilla was expanding rapidly, especially the tourism sector which was driving major new developments in partnerships with multi-national companies. Anguilla's currency is the East Caribbean dollar, though the US dollar is also widely accepted. The exchange rate is fixed to the US dollar at US$1 = EC$2.70. The economy, and especially the tourism sector, suffered a setback in late 1995 due to the effects of Hurricane Luis in September but recovered in 1996. Hotels were hit particularly hard during this time. Another economic setback occurred during the aftermath of Hurricane Lenny in 2000. Anguilla's financial system comprises 7 banks, 2 money services businesses, more than 40 company managers, more than 50 insurers, 12 brokers, more than 250 captive intermediaries, more than 50 mutual funds and 8 trust companies. Anguilla's tourism industry received a major boost when it was selected to host the World Travel Awards in December 2014. Known as "the Oscars of the travel industry", the awards ceremony was held at the CuisinArt Resort and Spa and was hosted by award-winning actress Vivica A. Fox. Anguilla was voted the World's Leading Luxury Island Destination from a short list of top-tier candidates such as St. Barts, Maldives and Mauritius. Anguilla aims to obtain 15% of its energy from solar power so it is less reliant on expensive imported diesel. The Climate & Development Knowledge Network is helping the government gather the information it needs to change the territory's legislation, so it can integrate renewables into its grid. Barbados, have also made good progress in switching to renewables, but many other SIDS are still at the early stages of planning how to integrate renewable energy into their grids. "For a small island we're very far ahead," said Beth Barry, Coordinator of the Anguilla Renewable Energy Office. "We've got an Energy Policy and a draft Climate Change policy and have been focussing efforts on the question of sustainable energy supply for several years now. As a result we have a lot of information we can share with other islands."