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The Royal Norwegian Air Force received 108 Freedom Fighters: 16 RF-5A, 78 F-5A and 14 F-5B. The first 64 were received as military aid. They were in use by several squadrons, the first and last being 336 Squadron receiving the first aircraft in February 1966 (formal handing-over ceremony a month later), and deactivating in August 2000. Three aircraft were kept flying until 2007, serving with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace for tests in the "Eye of the Tiger"-programme, developing a new seeker head for Naval Strike Missile and Joint Strike Missile. The aircraft received under military aid were handed off to Greece and Turkey. Of the aircraft bought by the Norwegian government, nine were used in exchange with U.S. authorities for submarines of the Kobben class. In October 2011 five F-5A single seaters were given to aircraft maintenance schools around the country; including Skedsmo, Sola, Bod and Bardufoss high schools, and the Royal Norwegian Air Force's training center at Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik. The aircraft were disassembled at Moss Airport, Rygge before delivery to the schools. Of the ten remaining Norwegian F-5s, eight F-5B two-seaters were still for sale as of 2011, six of whom were stored in Norway and two in the United States. The two aircraft in the United States had been approved for sale to the American businessman Ross Perot Jr. in 2008, but the deal was blocked by the US government. Three survivors are exhibited at the Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection, two at Norsk Luftfartsmuseum in Bod and one at Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola, near Stavanger.

N-156F Single-seat fighter prototype. Only three aircraft were built. YF-5A The three prototypes were given the U.S. Air Force designation YF-5A. F-5A Single-seat fighter version of F-5, originally without radar, but was later equipped with AN/APQ-153 radar during upgrades. F-5A (G) Single-seat fighter version of the F-5A for the Royal Norwegian Air Force. XF-5A This designation was given to one aircraft used for static tests. A.9 Designation of Spanish Air Force Northrop F-5A which served in the Ejrcito del Aire F-5C Skoshi Tiger 12 F-5A Freedom Fighters were tested by the US Air Force for four and a half months in Vietnam. F-5E Tiger II Single-seat fighter version with AN/APQ-159 replacing earlier AN/APQ-153 in F-5A. F-5E Tiger III Upgraded version of the F-5E in use by the Chilean Air Force, with EL/M-2032 radar replacing the original AN/APQ-159 and capable of firing advanced versions of the Python missile F-5E/F A single Swiss Air Force F-5E with F-5F Wings. Currently (2011), this aircraft is part of the Museum at Meiringen air base F-5G The temporary designation given to the Northrop F-20 Tigershark, armed with General Electric AN/APG-67 radar. F-5N Ex-Swiss Air Force F-5Es used by the U.S. Navy as "aggressor" aircraft, with AN/APG-69 replacing the original AN/APQ-159. Intended to replace high-time USN/USMC F-5Es in the adversary role, and see service through to 2015. F-5S Upgraded version of the F-5E in use by the Republic of Singapore Air Force, equipped with the Galileo Avionica's FIAR Grifo-F X-band radar and are capable of firing the AIM-120 AMRAAM. F-5T Tigris Upgraded version of the F-5E of Royal Thai Air Force by Israel, also armed with EL/M-2032. F-5TF Tigris Twin seat version of F-5T Tigris F-5EM Upgraded version of the F-5E of Brazilian Air Force armed with Italian Grifo-F radar. F-5TIII Upgraded version of the F-5E, in service with the Royal Moroccan Air Force. F-5E Tiger 2000 Upgraded version of Taiwan AIDC, equipped with the GD-53 radar, capable of firing the TC-2 Sky Sword II, MIL-STD-1553B Link and GPS/INS