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Ser feliz  no ter medo do

Ser feliz no ter medo dos prprios sentimentos. ter coragem para ouvir um no. Ser feliz deixar viver a criana livre, alegre e simples que mora dentro de cada um de ns. ter maturidade para falar eu errei. ter ousadia para dizer me perdoe. ter sensibilidade para expressar eu preciso de voc. ter capacidade de dizer eu te amo. Jamais desista de si mesmo. Jamais desista das pessoas que voc ama. Jamais desista de ser feliz, pois a vida um espetculo imperdvel... E tenha certeza que voc um ser humano especial para todas as pessoas que te gosta, respeita e quer te ver sempre bem... (Augusto Cury) . . . Bom dia happy day . . #anturio #flores #flowers #nature #bomdia #love #photography #amoflores #natureza #naturaleza #garden #beautiful #goodmorning #naturelovers #exploreflores #amonatureza #flowerstagram#brflora #paixaoporflores #fotoinstagram #quatroestacoes #bomdever_flower #instaflower #flowerpower #fiore #blumem #jardim #instabloom #flowermagic #guaratingueta

Smokey af- saw this creep

Smokey af- saw this creep in a dream Who else just wants cuddled for days after travel? South Carolina was beautiful as always but I'm not sorry to come home to Autumn budding through. - - - - - #edit #graphics #digitalart #autumn #design #manipulationclan #travel #Pittsburghartist #inspiremyinstagram #colorcolourlovers #smokey #picoftheday #seekthesimplicity #goodmorning #oneofthebuncheck #artwork #arte #creative_globe #thehappynow #bandoffun #theverydayproject #girlscreating #postitfortheaesthetic #capturedconcepts #dream

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Good Morning!!! (Australian show), a children's show Good Morning (New Zealand show), a daytime talk show Good Morning (CBS), a predecessor of the American news talk show The Early Show Good Morning TV, GMTV, the national ITV breakfast television contractor, broadcasting in the United Kingdom "Good Morning", an episode of the television series Teletubbies

"Good Morning" (1939 song), a song by Nacio Herb Brown from the 1939 film Babes in Arms, also used in the 1952 musical Singin' in the Rain "Good Morning" (Kanye West song), a 2007 song by American hip-hop artist Kanye West "Good Morning", a song by D'Cinnamons "Good Morning", a song by Eggstone from Somersault "Good Morning", a song by Blackfoot from Marauder "Good Morning", a song by Lionel Richie from Just Go "Good Morning" (Chamillionaire song), a 2009 hip-hop single "Good Mornin'", a song by You Am I

The duo consisted of Daryl Hall and John Oates, both of Philadelphia. Prior to making this album the duo made numerous demos, some of which were released on the Past Times Behind collection. It was released on CD for the second time on February 12, 2008 by American Beat Records, putting it back in print after the original Atlantic Records CD release went out of print. On February 24, 2017 Friday Music released a remastered version of the album along with their third studio album, War Babies but it doesn't include any bonus track. The music on this record is a combination of soft rock, folk, and soul. "I'm Sorry" was covered by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues for his solo album Night Flight in 1980. Cecilio & Kapono used "Goodnight and Goodmorning" as the lead-off track of their second album, Elua, in 1975. Jim Capaldi covered "Goodnight and Goodmorning" in 1976, though his version was only released as the A-side to a USA-only single.

Daryl Hall (whose given last name is "Hohl") and John Oates named their partnership "Whole Oats" before signing with Atlantic Records. Accordingly, Atlantic issued a promo single for "Goodnight and Good Morning" in advance of the album, crediting the single to the group Whole Oats. However, by the time the album was issued, the "group" was known (and credited) as Daryl Hall & John Oates, although the "Whole Oats" name was kept for the album title.

Side one "I'm Sorry" (Hall, Oates) - 3:06 "All Our Love" (Hall, Oates) - 2:41 "Georgie" (Hall) - 2:42 "Fall in Philadelphia" (Hall) - 3:58 "Waterwheel" (Hall) - 3:52 "Lazyman" (Hall) - 3:15 Side two "Goodnight and Goodmorning" (Hall, Oates) - 3:18 "They Needed Each Other" (Hall) - 3:59 "Southeast City Window" (Oates) - 2:31 "Thank You For..." (Oates) - 4:36 "Lilly (Are You Happy)" (Hall, Oates) - 4:10