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Southampton menuntaskan p

Southampton menuntaskan perekrutan bek sentral Wesley Hoedt dari Lazio di musim panas ini. Dilansir dari laman Goal, Melalui keterangan resmi mereka, The Saints menyatakan bahwa bek muda asal Belanda itu meneken kontrak berdurasi lima tahun, sementara Sky Sports News mengklaim nilai transfer sang pemain berpotensi naik menjadi 17 juta. Mengenai kedatangan pemain internasional Belanda tersebut ke St. Marys, wakil pimpinan Les Reed mengatakan: Wesley merupakan salah satu bek muda menjanjikan di Eropa dan menjadi rekrutan signifikan untuk skuat kami. Setelah mengamankan jasa pemain dari finalis Liga Champions [Mario Lemina], kini kami menambahkan pemenang Super Copa Italia. Kami yakin dia punya semua kualitas untuk menjadi bagian besar klub ini di masa depan, dan kami sudah berupaya keras untuk mendatangkannya ke Southampton, mengingat banyak klub besar juga tertarik padanya," imbuh Reed. Sementara itu, Hoedt menambahkan: Saya sangat senang untuk berada di sini. Saya pikir Southampton adalah klub yang sangat besar, jadi ini merupakan langkah bagus bagi saya untuk datang ke sini dan bermain di Liga Primer dan mencoba untuk membantu sebisa mungkin. (Source: Goal) #kamuharustau #indozonesoccer Nikmati juga serunya pengalaman baru menjelajahi Instagram hanya di guys #indonesia #indozone #jakarta #medan #surabaya #bandung #jogja #makassar #bali #aceh #papua #kalimantan #sulawesi #indovidgram #instagood #love #like4like #ball #football #soccer #sepakbola #bola #liga #footballclub #goal #southampton #wesley #belanda


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Messi, Leo Messi, Lionel Messi, Mr Messi, The King, the best player in the world.. hmm what to say? I don't really have the words to say what I feel. There is no word strong enough to describe the love I bear you. You are part of my life, you are my idol, the one and only. There is not a day I pass without thinking of you. You're my life, my world, my family. It's crazy to love a person who isn't even aware of our own existence at this point but I don't care, I don't see myself loving anyone but you. You have all the qualities in the world, and I find you no fault. Maybe that's a fan. How to describe what I feel.. If you didn't exist, I would have been obliged to invent you. You're just INDSIPENSABLE to my life. I rest on you when I'm not well, I look at your photos, your matches, your interviews, and it goes immediately better. I'm lucky to have the best idol in the world, I'm so proud of it.My biggest dream would be to meet you and have a photo with you, and I know I'll get there, I will do everything to realize my dream. I'm so jealous when I see that thousands of people are coming to see you and I can't do it .. Everything you do is out of the ordinary, whether it's for your fans, for the club, or for your so pretty family.. Thank you for everything Leo, I love you so much. @leomessi @antoroccuzzo88 @jorge.sole @rodrigo.messi10 @facu_sotelo @mariasolmessi ______ Follow @messuarez19 for more Tag ur friends 32,5k followers love u ______ #messi #lm10 #ls9 #suarez #dembele #ViscaElBarca #Coutinho #Pique #Umtiti #terstegen #cillessen #FCBlive #igersfcb #xavi #iniesta #soccer #jordialba #Ronaldinho #deulofeu #danialves #mascherano #campnou #FCBworld #CampNou #VamosBarca #ViscaBarca #bartomeudimiteya #suaressi #skills #goal

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The term goal may also refer to the structure in which goals are scored. The ice hockey goal is rectangular in shape; the front frame of the goal is made of steel tube painted red (or another color depending on the league) and consists of two vertical goalposts and a horizontal crossbar. A net is attached to the back of the frame to catch pucks that enter the goal and also to prevent pucks from entering it from behind. The entire goal is considered an inbounds area of the playing surface, and it is legal to play the puck behind the goal. Under NHL rules, the opening of the goal is 72 inches (180 cm) wide by 48 inches (120 cm) tall, and the footprint of the goal is 44 inches (110 cm) deep.

The object of the game of ice hockey is to score more goals than the opposing team. Goaltenders and defencemen are concerned primarily with keeping the other team from scoring a goal, while forwards are primarily concerned with scoring goals on the other team. Forwards also have to be defensively responsible while defencemen need to press offensively, and it is not unknown for goalies to attempt to position the puck for a counterattack, or even attempt to shoot against an unguarded net. For a goal to be scored, the puck must entirely cross the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar of the goal frame. A goal is not allowed under any of the following conditions: the puck is sent into the goal from a stick raised above the height of the crossbar the puck is intentionally kicked, batted, or thrown into the net by an attacking player; a puck may deflect off an attacking player's skate or body provided that player does not make a deliberate attempt to kick or redirect the puck with his or her body the puck enters the net directly after deflecting off an official the goaltender is impeded from preventing the goal by an attacking player the scoring team had too many men on ice at the time of the goal the goal was scored with a broken stick the net was dislodged prior to the puck entering it the goaltender shoots the puck after crossing the center line (however, replacing the goaltender with an extra attacker is allowed). the puck breaks into two or more pieces prior to any portion of it entering the goal. Additionally, in many leagues, a goal does not count if a player from the attacking team has a skate or stick in the goal crease before the puck. The National Hockey League (NHL) abolished this rule starting in the 1999-2000 season after the disputed triple-overtime goal in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals. Brett Hull of the Dallas Stars scored the series-clinching goal against the Buffalo Sabres. There are those who believe that video replay shows Hull's skate in the crease prior to the puck.