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So the waco has full fram

So the waco has full frame interior now just need to touch up and finish the I side now... any ideas on how to frame the roof ??? Ps the interior is painted grey and not just the standard plastic #airfix #airfixmodels #scalemodels #scalemodel #hobby #skalefreaks #172scale #tamiya #vallejo #airbrush #humbrol #revel #ww2 #worldwar #dday #airborne #hobby #transport #aviation #plastickit #modelplane #modeling #wip #airfixclub #modelplane #wacoglider #waco #usaf #dday #overlord #glider #marketgarden #italeri

About our day:
1. An amaz

About our day: 1. An amazing unexpected experience for me 2. Love is in the air *pun intended* 3. SZD-50 Puchacz #flying #glider #gliderpilot

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Glider (aircraft), heavier-than-air aircraft primarily intended for unpowered flight Glider (sailplane), a rigid-winged glider aircraft with an undercarriage, used in the sport of gliding Military glider, used to transport combat troops and equipment to a combat zone Motor glider, a glider with a power source to generate thrust Hang glider, foot-launched, framed fabric wing, usually used for recreation Paraglider, foot-launched, unframed fabric wing, usually used for recreation Rocket glider, a rocket propelled aircraft that routinely lands as a glider Walkalong glider, a model glider with updraft generated by a person walking behind Paper glider, a model or toy glider made out of paper

Glider, a marsupial mammal in suborder Phalangeriformes Greater glider, Petauroides volans Feathertail glider or pygmy gliding possum, Acrobates pygmaeus Biak glider, Petaurus biacensis Mahogany glider, Petaurus gracilis Northern glider, Petaurus abidi Squirrel glider, Petaurus norfolcensis Sugar glider, Petaurus breviceps Yellow-bellied glider or fluffy glider, Petaurus australis

Glider (band), band featuring members of Counting Crows Glider (EP), by My Bloody Valentine Glider (The Sight Below album) Glider (Tokio album), an album by Japanese band Tokio Gliders (Elfquest), fictional tribe of elves in the comic book series Elfquest Glider, Hacker Emblem, a uniting and recognizable symbol of hacker culture, a representation of a glider formation in Conway's Game of Life Gliders, nickname for the Australia women's national wheelchair basketball team

Glider (bot), Internet bot for automating World of Warcraft gameplay Glider (Conway's Life), a type of cellular automaton "spaceship" in Conway's Game of Life Glider PRO, game for the Apple Macintosh, by John Calhoun

Glider (automobiles), a vehicle without a powertrain Glider (furniture), a comfortable swinging seat that has a motion similar to a rocking chair Glider (video game), a Macintosh game released in 1988 Underwater glider, a submarine propelled by changing buoyancy