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Happy #tuesdaytransformat

Happy #tuesdaytransformation The pic was from June of 2012. The pic on the right is this morning... I'm beginning to fall in love with the chick on the right... I hope y'all remember to #loveyourself because how can you expect anyone else to love you if you don't! Don't forget to #getup #getout & #getmoving

Poplar bark packbasket wi

Poplar bark packbasket with hickory bark bands and lacing. Leather shoulder straps. . . These packs are incredibly strong. When empty they can be inverted and used as a stool. . . . #poplar #barkbasket #backpacking #hiking #camping #daytrip #solotrip #getout #getoutinthewoods #wander #getlost #wandertheearth #maketribe #liveauthentic #roam #traillife #WildernessLifestyle #wildernessculture #bushcraftlife #woodsman #backcountry #mountain #mountainlifestyle #mountainwater #creeklife #handmade #handmadegear #wildcraft #coffee

I can't say enough about

I can't say enough about these people right here. Freaking love my SMC fam. Many more not in attendance but love felt just the same. I've known and been deep with these people for about 15yrs. Especially, Thomas, Christina, Melvon, and Joey. They've seen me when I first started acting, doing Shakespeare in the park competing with resident homeless drunks, or doing great shows in the attic of a furniture store #VCPA. Now, here they are supporting me for the premier of #SoyNero at the #EgyptianTheater. This was one of the bigger roles, artistically, to date. And like many times before, you all were in attendance. You've seen me grow as an actor but helped me grow as a person. We've all laughed and cried together. I love you more than I know how to express. Here's to many more laughs, champagne toasts, and red carpets! I love you and immensely thankful you're in my life. Salud! #bcc #smc #cryhavoc #soynero #familiaunida #actor #actorslife #actorsjourney #2onthecallsheet #lifelongfriends #family #blessed #thankful #twd #getout

Here she be! My new mode

Here she be! My new mode of transportation! Thanks for all the help from Mark at Competitive Edge Sports for helping me find something affordable and lightweight to carry up and down to my fourth floor apartment. Picking up a used bike seat for Myles this morning, and then scraping the money together for some helmets(safety 1st!). After that I'm officially putting the car up for sale . I'm going to miss having a car, but I'm not going to miss the financial stress of it, or the inches I'm going to lose pedalling my butt around town! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #innerstrength #selflove #financialfreedom #cartobike #goodbyecar #newbike #diamondback #healthylifestyle #getout #getfit #entrepreneurmom #entrepreneurwoman #whateverittakes #mentalhealthrecovery #debtrelief

Great class @currahee_res

Great class @currahee_rescue_group ...we can't stress enough the importance of a breaching capability when every second counts. #Repost @currahee_rescue_group (@get_repost) Breaching 101 with @rescue_craft @tacmed_solutions @element_rescue during a TECC class for North Georgia Technical College's Currahee Campus EMT program. #tecc #ctecc #tccc #breaching #curraheerescue #searchandrescue #technicalrescue #firstresponder #firstresponders #emt #medic #paramedic #rescue #getin#getout #lockpicking #bande #ngtc #ngtcems #medic101 @medic101podcast

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The Transformers toyline is typically divided into two main factions: the heroic Autobots and their opponents, the evil Decepticons (traditionally known in Japan as the Cybertrons and Destrons, respectively, although more recent releases often use the English terms). Transformers toys are sold at a number of price points, and various Transformers series utilize unique play features. There have also been a number of spin-offs based on the toys including a comic book series, an animated television series, and a feature-length animated movie. The original series program was followed by a number of spin-offs with varying levels of popularity. A live-action film series directed by Michael Bay has produced five films, with more planned.

The following Transformers toy series were released in the United States: Many Transformers come with tech specs (short for technical specifications) printed on the back of the box that they are sold in. The owner of the new Transformer is encouraged to cut out the tech specs and save it. This card has information on the Transformer, and will usually include the character's name, picture, indication of allegiance (Autobot, Decepticon or other), function, a quote, a description of the character, and numerical values of the character's various attributes. Although only the numbers can be truly deemed "technical specifications", the entire card is usually referred to as the Transformer's tech specs. Each specification is rated by a value from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest. Micromasters teams have teamwork ratings instead of ranks. Unlike the other ratings, teamwork seems to be split along faction lines, with Autobots typically holding higher teamwork ratings than Decepticons. A second unique spec value, Cooperation, replaced the Firepower rating used on individuals' cards. The traditional order (as above) was also abandoned for the Micromaster team specifications. The values started becoming inconsistent and skewed in Generation 2 and Beast Wars, when Hasbro apparently thought no child will ever want a toy that is described as anything less than perfect. Thus it became rarer and rarer to see any low numbers. Most characters' numbers hardly ever dipped below 8, the Go-Bot version of Optimus Prime was the first character to have all values at 10, a trend that would repeat for most "leader" characters. When even more powerful versions of the Optimus Primal toy (such as Optimal Optimus) were introduced, Hasbro even invented a "10+" rating in an attempt to keep increasing the power levels. With the Transformers: Cybertron line a few characters even got "Unknown" and "Infinity" ratings. The specifications portion of the tech specs which came with earlier G1 Transformers were obfuscated with interference patterns which made them difficult to read without a decoder which was included in the box for each Transformer. The decoder consisted of simple red plastic which rendered the interference patterns invisible. Related to tech specs were Marvel's Transformer Universe comics, where the entry for each Transformer contained an expanded bio based on the one printed on the tech specs. However, numerical tech specs were not included.