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The company's 35th anniversary celebration in 2001 was attended by former Prime Minister and President of Turkey Suleyman Demirel. In 2007 it considered entering the media sector by participating in the Sabah-ATV tender, but decided it against it after reviewing the companies' financials.

Nurol's companies include: Nurol Construction and Trading (Nurol naat ve Ticaret A..) Projects include the zmit Bay Bridge, and leadership of the Ilsu Dam construction consortium Nurol Makina (Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.S., founded 1976) - industrial and defence manufacturingProducts include the Nurol Ejder and the TOMA water cannon FNSS Defence Systems (FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A..) - defence manufacturing; a joint venture with BAE Systems Inc. Products include the FNSS Pars, ACV-300, and AZMM. Nurol Technologies Products include boron-carbide armour Nurol Yatrm Bankas - investment banking Nurol Real Estate (Nurol Gayrimenkul Yatrm Ortakl, quoted on the Istanbul Stock Exchange as NUGYO) Notable investments include Hurriyets headquarters, acquired for $127m in 2012 Turser (tourism) Owns Sheraton Turkey, which includes the Sheraton Ankara

== Piyalepaa stanbul == Piyalepaa stanbul is being constructed in the Piyalepaa Region, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul. The architectural project contains overtones of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture and has been prepared by iki design group. Piyalepaa stanbul is coherent with the neighborhood and its history. A nostalgic project has been designed with multi-skin facades, broad eaves, bays, pools and an inner court system which befits the city and the neighborhood. Piyalepaa Istanbul has a central location in the city and has connections to the D-100 highway and belt highways, to the Dolmabahe and Kathane tunnels, and it is close to the alayan Courthouse and the hospitals. Moreover, there is public transportation to central points of the city such as Beyolu stiklal Avenue, Karaky, Kabata, Nianta and Beikta. The whole project has been accepted for evaluation for the LEED Neighborhood Development certificate and the 3 blocks for offices and the hotel have been accepted for evaluation for the LEED Green Building certificate. The project will be one of the first projects with LEED Neighborhood Development certificate in Turkey and in the world.

Piyalepaa Gayrimenkul Gelitirme Yatrm ve Ticaret A.. was founded in 2012 in order to transfer the 60 years of experience of the Polat brand in the construction sector to the urban renewal field. Piyalepaa Real Estate Development is carrying out the first and largest urban renewal project of Turkey realized by the private sector in Piyalepaa, which is one of the oldest and most attractive neighborhoods of Istanbul.