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Gnaydn. Bugn 29'u doldurd

Gnaydn. Bugn 29'u doldurdum Sabah sabah byle bir video ile doum gnmn kutlanmas, beni ok mutlu etti. te @besiktas ailesi, arkadalk, kardelik budur. Hepinize ayr ayr teekkr ediyorum. yi ki varsnz, duygulandm... Seviyorum sizi Hep beraber nice yllara, nice ampiyonluklara @halilozel__ @firat__besiktas @bjkberna01 @cemal1903official @alperenyeneroglu @nsrnbrll1903 @hacerkoc__ @eesrabjk @dgknyldz1903 @aybukem_1903 #mybirthday #happybirthday #29 #instavideo #Beikta #karakartal #vefa #feda #gururlan #1903 #BeiktAK #ampiyONBEikta

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The European route E39 highway passes through the village. Feda is home to the static inverter plant of HVDC NorNed. The station was built close to an existing electrical substation. Feda Church is located in the village, serving the southern part of the Kvinesdal municipality. From 1900 to 1963 Feda was the administrative centre of Feda municipality.

Feda or FEDA may also refer to: Feda (municipality), a former municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway Fea, Bosnian given name includes list of people named Fea Further Education Development Agency, UK government body now the Learning and Skills Development Agency Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association, American trade organisation Feda: The Emblem of Justice, a 1994 Japanese video game Feda, the spirit through whom the medium Gladys Osborne Leonard gave readings Federacin Espaola de Ajedrez, governing body of chess in Spain, organiser of Spanish Chess Championship Bus Feda, Irish bus company

Feda is a tactical role playing game composed of two primary play modes: exploration and battles. During an exploration stage, the player explore towns and other locations and visit shops and houses. When the player enters the overworld, the game becomes turn based and the player can move units to confront enemies. Battles are activated when the player and an enemy unit occupy the same area or in scripted event. Feda feature cinematic battle scenes similar to the Shining Force series. Depending on which character the player uses to act, the scene shows him in full picture or just a part of the character (unlike in Shining Force where the player always just sees his character from behind and the enemy in front of him). During battles, the screen switches from the player's unitto the enemy.

A distinguishing feature in Feda is that the player's alignment can be chosen - the player can fight for law or chaos. This depends on how he finishes a battle, like always just killing everyone makes him become chaos, but trying to find an alternative peaceful way of winning gives him law points. Deciding which way the player chooses also decides which characters that he gets. Beside his neutral characters whose always stay in the player's party, he can get different characters on law and chaos side. But changing the side will make them leave his party. The alignment system is done in ranked emblems - a neutral one and four chaos and four law ones, highest of them called Fedayenn Goddess of Justice.