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 Buenos sonrientes das !!

Buenos sonrientes das !!!! (Foto de ayer) Hoy nos vamos a ilha de Armona. Vamos a preparar el desayuno, unos filetitos de pollo y huevo duro para unos sandwich vegetales para el almuerzo de picknic y salimos pitando. Good smiling morning !!!! (Photo of yesterday) Today we go to the island of Armona. Let's prepare breakfast, a few chicken slices and hard boiled egg for vegetable sandwiches for the picknic lunch and we leave quickly #familyphotos #mothermonster #familyisforever #familylove #familytime #familytrip #children #familyovereverything #motherdaughter #familyvacation #familyfirst #familyphoto #familyforever #mothercare #familia #madre #dad #fam #fun #mama #familyiseverything #familyday #familyfun #familypic #myfamily #mommy #parenthood #familyweekend #instagood #momlife

Today is my little babybr

Today is my little babybrothers birthday.. 7 years younger.. He turns 16 and that scares me to hell.. Get to learn to drive, and maybe a licence in 2 years.. I've had a licence for 5 years, been driving 7 and a half years. I've been out im Gothenburg a lot. Had a lot happening to me and my friends.. Just scares me to death that this time it's his turn, now the real life starts. But he's been the most clever, genuinly good hearted boy I've ever seen. I'm gonna stand by him till the day I die, I'm his big sister, it's my job. I know that bad things happen to good guys, sadly true, but this boy has people looking out for him! And trust me, even though I'm a little girl bedridden, if anybody comes after or lay a hand on you, I'll kill for you. I will not afraid of anything or anybody, I'm ALWAYS here for you my bayby brother! Always #brother #littlebrother #loveforever #youandme #birthay #siblings #always #love #family #photo #photos #familyphoto #sweden #instalove #instadaly #art #artistic #boy #girl #lovely #beautiful #photograph #photography #photographysouls #instalike #photoofday #samsung #gothenburg_sweden #brotherlove #sisterlove @mattislaven @evalav66


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