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Dad told me to a look inspired by the early sunset in Finland. So here is it with pink clouds and pine trees on a small island Products used: @morphebrushes 35B Palette 'Pink' @sugarpill Shadow 'Home Sweet Home' @the_vampstamp Wink Eyeliner Ink @eldorafalseeyelashes h168 #makeup #makeupartist #mua #sunset #finland #suomi #eyemakeup #eyeball #closeup #iseeyou #pinetrees #details #inspiration #creative #morphebrushes #sugarpill #eldorafalseeyelashes #vampstamp #mywork #saramariarosenkilde #motd #eotd

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On April 17, 2007, the music sharing blog Kinixtion was shut down after being sent a letter by Eyeball Records. The webmaster deleted the blog and sent an apologetic letter to the label. Eyeball Records also sent a letter to many peer labels in an effort to curtail copyright infringement of music. Eyeball Alliance was a team of fans who supported and promoted the label through online marketing. The company closed in 2012.

Eyeball Skeleton is composed of Bill Brown (guitar, percussion, programming) and his sons Charlie Brown (guitar) and J.J. Brown (bass), ages 10 and 8 as of 2005. Brown founded the group after hearing his children attempting to mimic his own music-making in the house. Their name was invented by the children; JJ provided "Eyeball" and Charlie provided "Skeleton". The group writes songs based upon song titles, lyrics, or pictures created by the children, which are then fleshed out musically with the father. Their debut album, #1, was released on My Pal God Records on April 5, 2005. Following the release, the band appeared on Pancake Mountain and toured with The French Kicks and Drums & Tuba.

Hal Horowitz of Allmusic gave the album an above average review, writing: The eyeball-dominated graphics seem like an homage to the Residents and the music similarly aims for an experimental collision between that legendary far-out band's non-commercial approach and a Frank Zappa-styled jazz-rock blend.

Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains: Les Claypool Basses & Vocals, Producer, Engineer Buckethead Guitar Brain drums Bernie Worrell keyboards Additional Musician: Gabby La La Backup Vocals on "Hip Shot from the Slab" & "The Big Eyeball in the Sky" Stephen Marcussen Mastering

All songs written and arranged by David Byrne "U.B. Jesus" 3:49 "The Revolution" 2:15 "The Great Intoxication" 2:36 "Like Humans Do" 3:32 "Broken Things" 4:29 "The Accident" 2:34 "Desconocido Soy" 2:38 "Neighborhood" 4:32 "Smile" 3:33 "The Moment of Conception" 2:55 "Walk on Water" 3:26 "Everyone's in Love with You" 2:27 A special edition of the release contained a second CD with these two tracks: "All Over Me" 5:18 "Princess" 3:56