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Satellite crop monitoring technology allows to perform online crop monitoring on different fields, located in different areas, regions, even countries and on different continents. The technology's significant advantage is a high automation level of sown area condition and its interpretation in an interactive map which can be read by different groups of users. Satellite crop monitoring technology users are: agronomists and agriculture companies management (crop vegetation control, crop yield forecasting, management decisions optimization); business owners (business prospects estimates, making reasonable decisions on capital investments, providing information for management decisions); investors and investment analysts (investment potential estimation, making investment decisions, making sustainable forecasts); insurance brokers (data collection, clients claims verification, scale of rates and insurance premium amounts calculation); agriculture machinery producers (integration of crop monitoring solutions with agriculture machinery board computers operations, functional development); state and sectoral organisations engaged in agriculture, food security and ecological problems. Satellite crop monitoring service providers: Astrium-Geo Cropio eLeaf GEOSYS GMV DigitalGlobe PrecisionAgriculture Skybox Imaging Vega

Noodles, made from wheat flour and egg, are usually thicker than the Italian flat pasta. Especially in the southwestern part of the country, the predominant variety of noodles are Sptzle, made with a large number of eggs, and Maultaschen, traditional stuffed noodles reminiscent of ravioli. Besides noodles, potatoes are common. Potatoes entered the German cuisine in the late 17th century, and were almost ubiquitous in the 19th century and since. They most often are boiled (in salt water, Salzkartoffeln), but mashed (Kartoffelpree or Kartoffelbrei) and pan-roasted potatoes (Bratkartoffeln) also are traditional. French fries, called Pommes frites, Pommes (spoken as "Pom fritz" or, respectively, "Pommes", deviating from the French pronunciation which would be "Pom freet" or "Pom") or regionally as Fritten in German, are a common style of fried potatoes; they are traditionally offered with either ketchup or mayonnaise, or, as Pommes rot/wei (lit. fries red/white), with both. Also common are dumplings (including Kle as the term in the north or Kndel as the term in the south) and in southern Germany potato noodles, including Schupfnudeln, which are similar to Italian gnocchi. Salads, also modern variations, as well as vegetarian dishes become more and more popular in Germany.

Coffee is also very common, not only for breakfast, but also accompanying a piece of cake (Kaffee und Kuchen) in the afternoon, usually on Sundays or special occasions and birthdays. It is generally filter coffee, which is weaker than espresso. Tea is more common in the northwest. East Frisians traditionally have their tea with cream and rock candy (Kluntje). Popular soft drinks include Schorle, juice or wine mixed with sparkling mineral water, with Apfelschorle being popular all over Germany, and Spezi, made with cola and an orange-flavored drink such as Fanta. Germans are unique among their neighbors in preferring bottled, carbonated mineral water, either plain (Sprudel) or flavored (usually lemon) to noncarbonated ones. Drinking water of excellent quality is available everywhere and at any time in Germany. Water provided by the public water utilities can be had without hesitation directly from the tap. Usually no chlorine is added. Drinking water is controlled by state authority to ensure it is potable. Regulations are even stricter than those for bottled water (see Trinkwasserverordnung).