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---------------------------------------- Ich esse arsch What if the concept of memes being at all funny, is itself, a dead meme? And I'm not talking about nonsensical memes that have zero context or logic, I mean the trend of making a meme, declaring it dead or unfunny and then demanding a new meme at the start of the next week? Making memes has become a meme. And rapidly, the meme of making memes will become unfunny. Not sure what the replacement is, but currently it's kind of like someone asking someone else to make them laugh like on the spot. It doesn't work.... ( see the funny thing is you can't copy this link. Lol fuck you. I wish I could understand people like you. What does replying lol accomplish? Do you think it angers me? Do you think myself or everyone else who obviously is looking at you like a crazy person are actually the crazy ones? Please enlighten me. Are you just always pissed and childish towards anyone who doesn't have your views? Do these sentences even make you think anything at all? What sentences do you choose to read and why do you ignore the ones you do? Did you even read the response before angrily typing? Do you do the same at work? With your family? Or were you brought up the same way and are now just emulating your parents? Are you a terrible troll or just a genuine awful person who literally ignores facts? --watcha doin down here?-- { function_post.Start ( tagwhore.exe ) local_tags.Print ( #trans #tti #dankmemes #weslapskinheadslmao #teamsmamu #autism #freemyniggafogle #blacklivesmatter #doggo #cancer #funny #allahuakbar #4chan #memecucks #toastyourself #vaporwave #dank #nochill #memes #realniggahours #cringe #justaprank #420 #fnaf #ayylmao #twitter #papafranku #edgy ) } End

Can't believe that Summer

Can't believe that Summer is coming to an end.... That time of the year when everyone is coming back from vacation, back to school sale is in full swing and I am impatiently waiting for the first cool morning of fall . . . . #summer #summerdays #summerisover #vacation #backtoschool #nycghosttown #fallisaroundthecorner #nyc #minimal #jewelrylover #jewelry #fashionjewelry #rings #stackablerings #midirings #choker #themoderntales #fashioninnyc #newyorkdesigner #realsilver #openendedpuzzle #jewelrydesigner #edgy #streetstyle #jewelryswag #newyorkvibes #silver #fun #girls

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The gameplay involves guiding a cube around 48 levels (the three last levels have to be unlocked by taking all the prisms in the 45 previous levels) collecting coloured prisms by dragging the finger across a touch screen (or using analogue controls on PC and Wii U), taking care not to fall off the paths. By dragging hard enough, the player can make the cube climb over steps. By balancing the cube along the edge of a wall or space, players can hang across certain edges in order to cross large gaps. In addition to dragging, the game can be controlled by on-screen keys or the iPhone's tilt-sensing accellerometer. Certain areas will cause the cube to shrink, allowing it to fit into smaller gaps and climb up walls. Collecting all prisms in a level and clearing it quickly earns players an S rank.

On May, 2009, the game was removed from the App Store concerning a trademark dispute with Tim Langdell of Edge Games. This is one of several disputes Langdell had made over his apparent ownership of the trademark for the word 'edge'. Mobigame head David Papazian failed to come up with any negotiation with Langdell, who kept insisting on receiving revenue from the game while it was on sale. Mobigame's lawyers disputed that Langdell's trademarks over the word 'edge' were enforceable against them, a comment to which Langdell denied in an open letter. This rebuttal was deemed false by Mobigame's lawyers, who said they are gathering evidence to demonstrate that communications Edge Games claims, in its rebuttal, to have made did not actually occur. While no agreement or settlement was made between Mobigame and Langdell, on October 7, 2009, the game was placed back onto the App Store, under the title Edge by Mobigame, which was approved by Apple. Speaking with Kotaku, Papazian said, "on the legal side, (Langdell) cannot claim anything against "Edge by Mobigame" and Apple knows that, so we hope everything will be alright now". However, on November 26, 2009 it was removed again. An unnamed EDGE Games representative stated "Adding 'by Mobigame' was determined not to get around infringement". On December 1, 2009, the game returned to the App Store under the name Edgy, but Mobigame soon removed it for fear that Langdell would use the legal precedent in his legal battle against EA. As of January 8, 2010, the game was available only in countries other than the US and UK under the name 'EDGE'. On May 9, 2010, the game returned to the US iTunes Store under the original name.