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Mkemmel lezzet iin;

Mkemmel lezzet iin; ARAYIN GELSN Doalln ve Lezzetin yeni adresi @dogalet ekmeky'de; Doal Et Steakhouse Damaklarda z Brakan Lezzetleri Ve Etkileyici Sunumlar ile Hizmet Vermekteyiz. - PAKET SERVSMZ VARDIR SPAR HATTIMIZ - 0216 642 15 21 - 0216 642 15 22 - 0542 674 75 75 ARAYIN GELSIN Merkez Mah ahintepe Sok No:1 (Sondurak) ekmeky/istanbul #iyignler #dogalet #incik #naturel #metrogarden #ekmeky #istanbul #mraniye #dudullu #skdar #kasap #fotoraf #koruvillage #cekmekoy #doapark #dana #bonfile #ekmekybelediyesi #mangal #tavuk #idealistkent #madenler #et #drm #avuba #i #yiyecek #piknik #zgara #yumurta

Mkemmel lezzet iin; 

Mkemmel lezzet iin; ARAYIN GELSN Doalln ve Lezzetin yeni adresi @dogalet ekmeky'de; Doal Et Steakhouse Damaklarda z Brakan Lezzetleri Ve Etkileyici Sunumlar ile Hizmet Vermekteyiz. - PAKET SERVSMZ VARDIR SPAR HATTIMIZ - 0216 642 15 21 - 0216 642 15 22 - 0542 674 75 75 ARAYIN GELSIN Merkez Mah ahintepe Sok No:1 (Sondurak) ekmeky/istanbul #iyignler #dogalet #incik #naturel #metrogarden #ekmeky #istanbul #mraniye #dudullu #skdar #kasap #fotoraf #koruvillage #cekmekoy #doapark #dana #bonfile #ekmekybelediyesi #mangal #tavuk #idealistkent #madenler #beyldz #et #drm #avuba #i #yiyecek #piknik #zgara

lk iftarmz hayrl olsun!

lk iftarmz hayrl olsun! Bu gzel ayda, orucunuzu amak zere sizleri Mee Dner'e bekliyoruz. Hem lezzeti hem de fiyatyla sizi memnun edecek iftar menlerimiz hazr. DRM MEN: 35 TL Tombik veya yarm Ekmee 90 gr. dner drm ftariyelik tabak Paanga Brei orba Tatl ecek DNER MEN: 45 TL 120 gr Porsiyon pilav st dner ftariyelik tabak Paanga Brei orba Salata+Turu+Patates Tatl ecek SKENDER MEN: 50 TL skender iftariyelik tabak Paanga Brei orba Salata+Turu+Patates Tatl ecek BEKLERZ... #mesedonerbeykoz #mesedoner #beykoz #ramazan #iftarmens #dnermen #iskender #iskendermen #drm

Gevrek, idem gibi deil bu

Gevrek, idem gibi deil bu. Hala dnere dner diyoruz ama iine marul patates deil roka soan konur. zmirde dner drm byle olur. Her ne kadar 15 sene nceki lezzet olmasa da hala iyidir damak doldurur... #dner #drm #sakpaga #izmir

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Despite the relatively large size of both the city proper and the metropolitan area, San Antonio has always been a medium-sized market. It presently ranks 33rd in the United States, according to marketing research firm ACNielsen. By comparison, the other two Texas cities with populations of over a million people, Houston and Dallas, are among the 10 largest markets. This is mainly because the nearby suburban and rural areas are not much larger than the city itself. Additionally, the close proximity of Austin truncates the potential market area. San Antonio-based TV stations are WOAI channel 4 (NBC), KSAT channel 12 (ABC), KENS channel 5 (CBS), KABB channel 29 (Fox Broadcasting Company), KCWX channel 2 (myNetworkTV), KMYS channel 35 (The CW) and KLRN channel 9 (PBS). The market is also home to six Spanish-language stations, three religious stations, three independent stations and one Internet-based station (210 TV). As of 2010, the San Antonio market has 65% cable TV penetration.

The Los Angeles Police Department is responsible for police services. The Hollywood police station is at 1358 N. Wilcox Ave. Los Angeles Fire Department operates four fire stations Station 27, 41, 52, and 82 in the area. The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services operates the Hollywood-Wilshire Health Center in Hollywood.

In the mid-1930s, Goodman led one of the most popular musical groups in the United States. His concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City on January 16, 1938 is described by critic Bruce Eder as "the single most important jazz or popular music concert in history: jazz's 'coming out' party to the world of 'respectable' music." Goodman's bands launched the careers of many major jazz artists. During an era of racial segregation, he led one of the first well-known integrated jazz groups. Goodman performed nearly to the end of his life while exploring an interest in classical music.

In July 1935, a record of the Goodman band playing the Henderson arrangements of "King Porter Stomp" backed with "Sometimes I'm Happy" was released by RCA Victor, to ecstatic reviews in both Down Beat and Melody Maker. Reports were that in Pittsburgh at the Stanley Theater some of the young members of the audience danced in the aisles, but in general these arrangements had little impact on the band's tour until August 19, when they arrived in Oakland, California, to play at McFadden's Ballroom. There, Goodman and his band, including Gene Krupa, Bunny Berigan, and the singer Helen Ward, found a large crowd of young dancers, raving and cheering the hot music they had heard on the Let's Dance radio show. Herb Caen wrote that "from the first note, the place was in an uproar." One night later, at Pismo Beach, the show was another flop, and the band thought the overwhelming reception in Oakland had been a fluke. The next night, August 21, 1935, at the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles, Goodman and his band began a three-week engagement. On top of the Let's Dance airplay, Al Jarvis had been playing Goodman records on KFWB radio, and Los Angeles fans were primed to hear him in person. Goodman started the evening with stock arrangements, but after an indifferent response, he began the second set with the arrangements by Fletcher Henderson and Spud Murphy. According to Willard Alexander, the band's booking agent, Krupa said, "If we're gonna die, Benny, let's die playing our own thing." The crowd broke into cheers and applause. News reports spread word of the exciting new music and the enthusiastic dancing to it. The Palomar engagement was such a marked success that it is often described as the beginning of the swing era. According to Donald Clarke, "It is clear in retrospect that the Swing Era had been waiting to happen, but it was Goodman and his band that touched it off." The reception of American swing was less positive in Europe, however. Some, like the British author J. C. Squire, filed a complaint with the UK's BBC radio and demanded it stop playing Goodman's music, which he called "an awful series of jungle noises which can hearten no man." In 1935 Germany's Nazi party barred all jazz from being played over German radio, claiming it was part of a Jewish conspiracy to destroy Germany's culture. Similarly, Italy's fascist government banned the broadcast of any music composed or played by Jewish artists, which they said threatened "the flower of our race, the youth." In November 1935 Goodman accepted an invitation to play in Chicago at the Joseph Urban Room at the Congress Hotel. His stay there extended to six months, and his popularity was cemented by nationwide radio broadcasts over NBC affiliate stations. While in Chicago, the band recorded If I Could Be with You, Stompin' at the Savoy, and Goody, Goody. Goodman also played three special concerts produced by the Chicago socialite and jazz aficionado Helen Oakley. These "Rhythm Club" concerts at the Congress Hotel included sets in which Goodman and Krupa sat in with Fletcher Henderson's band, perhaps the first racially integrated big band appearing before a paying audience in the United States. Goodman and Krupa played in a trio with Teddy Wilson on piano. Both combinations were well received, and Wilson stayed on. In his 19351936 radio broadcasts from Chicago, Goodman was introduced as the "Rajah of Rhythm." Slingerland Drum Company had been calling Krupa the "King of Swing" as part of a sales campaign, but shortly after Goodman and his crew left Chicago in May 1936 to spend the summer filming The Big Broadcast of 1937 in Hollywood, the title "King of Swing" was applied to Goodman by the media. At the end of June 1936, Goodman went to Hollywood, where, on June 30, 1936, his band began CBS's Camel Caravan, its third and (according to Connor and Hicks) its greatest sponsored radio show, co-starring Goodman and his old boss Nathaniel Shilkret. By spring 1936, Fletcher Henderson was writing arrangements for Goodman's band.