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Next stop on our hike tha

Next stop on our hike that was cut short was #champlainlookout at the top of #gatineaupark. If you guys remember this is where we met @ryly_the_labbe for the first time last fall! Once again the conditions were not ideal. There were tiny flies buzzing all around my head, hence the uncomfortable look. Plus it was still foggy so the background of the farmlands and the rivire des Outaouais is not super clear. We still wanted to share at least one photo. I'm also attempting an #edwardsit but you can't see it very well #hiking #gatineau ------------------------------------------ #wirefoxterrier #foxterrier #wirefox #wirehairedfoxterriers #terrier #terriers #terriersofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogswithbeards #dog #dogs #instadog #pets #petsofinstagram #whft #dogoftheday

So very excited that Blac

So very excited that Black & White Photography Magazine (UK) October Issue will be doing a story on my dogs... and me of course. Thank you @susanburnstine for making this happen I am truly honored This page section is courtesy of Black & White Photography Magazine (UK) October issue #207 #dog #adoptdontshop #outofthephone #hartcollective #hikaricreative #bnw_demand #bnw #lensculture #burndiary #landscape #nature #dogs #dogsofinstagram #street #dogoftheday #streetphotography #yourshotphotographer #instadaily #instagram #instamoment #bnw_bretagne #photowall #othernations #myfeatureshoot #everydayeverywhere #friendsinperson #husky

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