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Ports for the Super NES and Sega Genesis were announced in early 1994, but quietly cancelled the following year. The monks from Viper's stage later appeared in Dyna Gear, another arcade game developed by Scarab and published by Sammy.

The birthplace of the powerful physical martial arts called "Survival Arts" and how they were earned became mysterious for quite some time. However, eight warriors spreading over different countries have learned some of the most important skills of the Survival Arts, while they continue learning more about them. Each one qualified for the Survival Arts tournament to see which survivor will win and obtain all the secrets of the Arts.

Survival Arts is quite similar to Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise in terms of presentation, but with gameplay inspired by Capcom's Street Fighter II. The player's character fights against his or her opponent in best two-out-of-three matches in a single player tournament mode with the computer or against another human player. Players have a character roster of eight fighters to choose from the start, each with their own fighting style and special techniques. One unique feature is that players can pick up multiple weapons (from swords to guns) that are dropped on stage and use against the opponent. Depending on what move or weapon the player uses as the last hit against the opponent while it knocks him or her out, the defeated opponent will either be burned, disassembled, sliced in half in two different ways, decapitated or electrocuted, which is as simple as performing deaths in Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior. While combos can be performed in the game, they can end with a death, which makes it a precursor to the "Brutalities" in Mortal Kombat 3 and some of its successors.

There are eight playable characters, and one final boss. Viper (, Vaip) (actor: Jon Walter) - The protagonist of the game. A rich martial artist who enters the Survival Arts tournament to earn enough money to build his own dojo. Gunner (, Gann) (actor: Brian Creech) - A former police officer who noticed that Dantel is not a human being. Gunner smuggles himself into the Survival Arts tournament to defeat and reveal the secret of Dantel. Mongo (, Mango) (actor: Kanda David) - A former military soldier who knows how to fight efficiently and considers fighting to be worth living with. He is always the first character the player faces in arcade mode. Tashia (, Tsha) (actress: Saskia) - A member of the ninja group "Cobra Faction", she enters the Survival Arts tournament to learn how to fight against a rival faction, "The Tigers". Kane (, Kein) (actor: Hideaki Takahashi) - An extraterrestrial who feels that the Survival Arts tournament will earn him a place on planet Earth. Due to a life of suffering in the world of human beings, he tries to gain strength for his two children. Santana (, Santana) (actor: Hose Brand) - An evil professional wrestler who decides to enter the Survival Arts tournament to make himself stronger, although he feels he came up to his limit. Hiryu (, Hiry) (actor: Takeaki Katoh) - Like Tashia, Hiryu is part of the "Cobra Faction" group and tries to learn how to fight against his rivals, "The Tigers", by entering the Survival Arts tournament. Hanna (, Hanna) (actress: Monica Brown) - A female warrior from the desert whose family got murdered by a messenger. She decides to enter the Survival Arts tournament to retaliate for the messenger's murdering. Dantel (, Danteru) (actor: Sam Rodetsky) - The antagonist of the game and founder of the Survival Arts. In order to become immortal, he must eat the flesh of strong humans. Instead of choosing a successor, he has made his followers fight against each other.