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This cracked me up! 
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This cracked me up! I just had this conversation with Layne the other day about what a Daddy is...He was confused on how JeeJee is my Mom and Papa is my Dad. What is a daddy supposed to be? Someone who loves you, plays with you, protects you, shows up for you, picks you up when you fall down, teaches you new things, stands beside you as you master new things. Someone who loves mommy and leads the family. The next day he said, "I think Andrew-Dad is a good daddy." #sunday #goodmorning #weekend #today #everyday #livelaughheitz2017 #andrewdad #squiggle #myman #steppedupdad #THEBESTLIFE #brokenreminders #preschooler #momlife #singlemom #mommy #DADLIFE #daddy

Wow! Our baby is almost h

Wow! Our baby is almost half a year old, time is flying by way too fast. We thank God every single day for our bundle of joy. Jasiah is one happy baby, he loves to scream, is very alert, smart, loves story time, enjoys time in his walker & loves blueberries + bananas! My husband and I are beyond blessed to be JJ's parents! We love you bubba! #babyJ#jasiahjoel#5monthsold #mommy#daddy#weloveyou #sweetbabe#chiquito#morenito

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Daddy (1917 film), a British silent film directed by Thomas Bentley Daddy (1923 film), an American film starring Jackie Coogan and Josie Sedgwick Daddy (1987 film), a TV movie starring Danny Aiello and Dermot Mulroney Daddy (1989 film), a Bollywood film starring Anupam Kher Daddy (1991 film), a film based on the book of the same name by Danielle Steele Daddy (1992 film), an Indian Malayalam-language film Daddy (2001 film), a Telugu film starring Chiranjeevi and Simran Daddy (2004 film), a Russian film Daddy (2015 drama film), an American film Daddy (2015 comedy-drama film), a 2015 American film directed by Gerald McCullouch Daddy (2017 film), an Indian Hindi film, starring Arjun Rampal

Daddy, former name of the band Supertramp "Daddy" (Sammy Kaye song), a 1941 song "Daddy" (Korn song), a 1994 song "Daddy" (Beyonc Knowles song), a 2003 song "Daddy" (Emeli Sand song), the second single from Emeli Sande's debut album Our Version of Events "Daddy" (Psy song), a 2015 song "Daddy", a song from the album In the Hot Seat by Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Daddy", a song from the album Pieces of You by Jewel "Daddy", a 1994 single from the Dutch pop group Pussycat

Daddy (dog) (19942010), an assistant dog-psychologist dog owned and used by Cesar Millan Daddy (gay slang), a slang term meaning an older man sexually involved in a relationship or having a sexual interest in a younger man Daddy or sugar daddy, a term for an age disparity in sexual relationships in which the older partner takes care of the younger, usually financially

Opiliones, an order of arachnids also commonly known as harvestmen Pholcidae, a family of spiders also commonly known as cellar spiders Crane fly, a member of the family of insects in the order Diptera Stylidium divaricatum, a plant in the genus Stylidium

Daddy-Long-Legs (novel), written by Jean Webster and basis of multiple films: Daddy-Long-Legs (1919 film), a silent comedy-drama starring Mary Pickford Daddy Long Legs (1931 film), a musical starring Janet Gaynor and Warner Baxter Daddy Long Legs (1938 film), a 1938 Dutch romantic comedy Daddy Long Legs (1955 film), a musical starring Fred Astaire Ashinaga Ojisan, a 1979 animated Japanese television special produced by Tatsunoko Production My Daddy Long Legs, a 1990 animated Japanese television serial produced by Nippon Animation Daddy-Long-Legs (2005 film), a Korean romance Daddy Long Legs (musical), a two-person musical play of 2009 by John Caird and Paul Gordon Daddy Longlegs (2009 film), directed by Ben and Joshua Safdie Daddy Longlegs (2016 film), directed by Jayda Eiffert, Amanda Merrill, and Madison Allen