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Rainy season is here. In

Rainy season is here. In Mali and Burkina Faso, the Ministry of health started a Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention campaign on July 28. In the 4 upcoming months, kids under 5 will get 4 rounds of a preventive malaria treatment. Photo @xaumeolleros 2016 #malaria #paludisme #smc #cps #mali #koulikoro #kid #child #health

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Calgary Police Service, the police service for the city of Calgary, Alberta Canadian Pacific Survey Canadian Paediatric Society Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, an association that teaches safe boating Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties, drug reference for healthcare providers

Cambridge Philosophical Society, a scientific society at the University of Cambridge Centre for Policy Studies, a British think-tank Chamberlayne College for the Arts, formerly Chamberlayne Park School, Weston, Hampshire Crown Prosecution Service, in England and Wales Cambridge Positioning Systems, a GPS software company bought by CSR plc Communist Party of Scotland Centre for Planetary Science at Birkbeck

Cambridge Public School District, Cambridge, Massachusetts Center for the Partially Sighted, an agency that promotes independent living for people with impaired sight, in Los Angeles, California Chicago Public Schools Child Protective Services, the name used in many United States jurisdictions for a state or local government agency which investigates child abuse and neglect ChoicePoint, whose New York Stock Exchange symbol was CPS until its buyout by Reed Elsevier Cincinnati Public Schools, Hamilton County, Ohio Civilian Public Service, a national system of work camps for conscientious objectors in the United States during World War II Cleveland Photographic Society, a non-profit photography organization, based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA Coalition for Positive Sexuality, a self-described "guerrilla sex education" group Columbia Public Schools, Missouri CPS Energy, San Antonio's municipally owned natural gas and electric company The College Preparatory School, a high school in Oakland, California

CP System, arcade system boards manufactured by Capcom in the early and late 1990s Certification Practice Statement, legal document that describes how the Certificate Authority manages the certificates it issues Citrix Presentation Server, now known as Citrix XenApp Continuation-passing style, a programming technique Conversational Programming System, an early time sharing operating system that ran on IBM System/360 mainframes Cyber-physical system, the tight conjoining of and coordination between computational and physical resources File format for raster graphics images produced by Corel Photo House, a discontinued forerunner of Corel Photo-Paint and Paint Shop Pro

Centipoise, a unit of poise, a measurement of viscosity Cycle per second, now known as hertz, which is the SI unit for frequency Counts per second and counts per minute are widely used in ionising radiation metrology to signify the rate at which ionising events are detected by a radiological measurement instrument.