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Sweeping the plot / siame

Sweeping the plot / siamese dream chezvalencia, 2017 To live an austere life, to get away from the noise, to follow aregime of strict schedules and meals, to meditate, to try to know your mind and control it. Theese are some of the rules they follow. Monks can be seen all over the country, with their typical orange suit. Many parents send their children to temples, where at least once in a lifetime they share and learn this kind of life, Buddhism. In the picture, one young monk sweeps the plot of the Wat Tamnak Temple, on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, north Thailand. #monk #sweep #temple #orange #life #budhism #buddha #colors #colour #colourful #documentaryphotography #documentary #socialmedia #social #spit_magazine #photographer #photography #journalism #photojournalism #chiangmai #thailand

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The band got started in 1996 at Hilliard Davidson High School (Hilliard, Ohio), originally as a punk band called Plan B, with Tim Skipper, A.J. Babcock, and Nate Rothacker on drums. In 1998, Colin Rigsby replaced Nate Rothacker on drums and they changed their name to No Tagbacks, then later to House of Heroes (changing their punk style in the process). The band recorded early demos at Chris Lundquist's home studio LundquistAudio (formerly Lunkhead Studio). In 2003 they released their first album What You Want Is Now under the name House of Heroes. Jared Rigsby replaced A.J. Babcock as the band's live bassist in December 2005, as Babcock had married and focused on a side project with his wife called "FlowerDagger". Babcock eventually rejoined the band as the live bassist and Jared Rigsby became an official member as the band's second guitarist. In 2009, Babcock stopped touring for the second time and was replaced by Eric Newcomer as the live bassist. After Babcock rejoined the band once more in 2012 as bassist, Newcomer became an official member as the band's second guitarist, involved in the writing and recording of Cold Hard Want. After only a brief touring stint in early 2012, Babcock stopped touring again and the band recruited Matt Lott (formerly of Wavorly) as touring bassist. Jared Rigsby did not appear in the band's "In The Studio" video for Cold Hard Want, nor is he featured in the band's press shot on the official page for Cold Hard Want. In March 2010 Colin Rigsby was replaced by Josh Dun (of Twenty One Pilots) on drums as Rigsby felt he needed to spend more time with his family. In October 2010 Rigsby resumed drumming duty.

According to drummer, Colin Rigsby, some of House of Heroes influences are: The Beatles, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, and The Clash. Tim Skipper also said that Muse is a source of influence. In his free time, Rigsby works on Art, and has his own website. He is currently working with Jon Schneck of Relient K on a graphic novel titled "En Carne."

Though they are sometimes considered to be Christian rock due to their association with Gotee Records, their lyrics are not always transparently Christian. In an interview with, Tim Skipper discusses their part in Christian music: "We didn't feel drawn to necessarily be in the church and be a praise and worship band, and we didn't feel drawn to just be outside of it. We kind of felt like we should straddle the line, and the big deal was to keep the integrity of the music intact and not to sacrifice any of the artistry." In another interview, bassist AJ Babcock said, "We never wanted to try to pander to a Christian audience by saying things that necessarily were just kind of, you know, lip service to people. We never want to do that unless it meant something, unless it was in context in a song." In their fifth album Suburba, they embrace this idea, with songs such as "Salt in the Sea" and "Constant", which both can be seen as songs with Christian ideas. In the same interview, Skipper summarizes their role in saying "We're Christian people, and we play rock and roll music." However, in an April 2016 interview with BadChristian, Skipper revealed that the band never set out to be a Christian band, and their current stance is that the interpretation is up to the listeners. He also stated that not everybody in House of Heroes is presently a Christian.