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2012: In November 2011, t

2012: In November 2011, the signing of Mikko Hirvonen by Citron was confirmed, following the departure of Sbastien Ogier to Volkswagen who in 2012 will race with a koda Fabia S2000. The pair formed by Loeb and Hirvonen achieved a total of twenty podiums and ten victories, of which five were doublets. In the first round of the year, Monte Carlo, who proved to be returning to the World Championship after a three-year absence, Loeb claimed his sixth win at the Monegasque event. Hirvonen finished in fourth, although in Sweden, he added his first podium with Citron where he was second after his ex-team mate Jari-Matti Latvala. In the third meeting of the year, Mexico, the two drivers achieved the first double of the year, with Loeb at the top of the podium and Hirvonen second. In Portugal, Loeb abandoned by accident what allowed to the provisional Finely, to obtain his first victory with the equipment, although after the test the commissioners disqualified it by irregularities in his Citron DS3 WRC. This, would be a posteriori, the unique Date of the year where the mark would not add any point. In the next four events, all on the ground, Loeb and Hirvonen occupied the first two places of the podium, always with the French in the highest. These results allowed Citron to lead the drivers 'and constructors' championship with a wide advantage over their rivals, with five rallies to finish the championship. [30] In the first test of the year on asphalt, Germany, Loeb and Hirvone returned To get on the podium, although this time with Finn in the third place. The result of the French earned him to draw his own record of five consecutive victories, which had already achieved in 2006 and 2008. [31] However in Britain beat Ford driver Latvala while Loeb was second half a minute And Hirvonen could only be fifth. In the Rally of Alsace, Loeb won the victory and mathematically secured his ninth driver's title. _ : Citroen DS3 WRC _ @officialwrc @loeb_seb_9 @citroenracing @redbull @totalracingofficial _ #officialwrc #worldrallychampionship _ _ #sebastienloeb #citroenracing #citroenworldrallyteam #ds3 #wrc #ds3wrc #CitroenDS3WRC #redbull #total

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Good Morning Today Tribute To Citroen World Rally Team __ Plot: The first appearances of the Citron brand in the World Rally Championship were in the 1980s. The brand developed two models in the category of Group B: the Citron Visa and the Citron BX 4TC. The Visa competed in 1984 and 1985 in just three races, Finland and San Remo the first year and Monte Carlo the second. The best result was the eighth place achieved by Jean-Claude Andruet in the Monegasque event. The second only competed during the season 1986 and only participated in three tests: Montecarlo, Sweden and Acropolis. It had a front engine that turned out to be uncompetitive and excessively large. The best result was Andruet's sixth place in Sweden and was the only time he could finish a test, since on other occasions the drivers had to leave by accident or breakage, usually the suspension. __ : Citroen BX 4TC __ @citroen @citroenracing @boschautoparts @total @michelin __ #citroen #citroenracing #citroenworldrallyteam #citroenbx4tc __ #bosch #total #michelin __ #rally #rallye #rallygram #rallyhd #rallylovers #rallying #rallys #rallycar #rallycars #rallypassion #ilkerally #iloverally_

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Davis, J. C. Oliver Cromwell (2001). 243 pp; a biographical study that covers sources and historiography Gaunt, Peter. "The Reputation of Oliver Cromwell in the 19th century", Parliamentary History, Oct 2009, Vol. 28 Issue 3, pp 425428 Hardacre, Paul H. "Writings on Oliver Cromwell since 1929", in Elizabeth Chapin Furber, ed. Changing views on British history: essays on historical writing since 1939 (Harvard University Press, 1966), pp 14159 Lunger Knoppers, Laura. Constructing Cromwell: Ceremony, Portrait and Print, 16451661 (2000), shows how people compared Cromwell to King Ahab, King David, Elijah, Gideon and Moses, as well as Brutus and Julius Caesar. Mills, Jane, ed. Cromwell's Legacy (Manchester University Press, 2012) online review by Timothy Cooke Morrill, John. "Rewriting Cromwell: A Case of Deafening Silences". Canadian Journal of History 2003 38(3): 553578. ISSN 0008-4107 Fulltext: Ebsco Morrill, John (1990). "Textualizing and Contextualizing Cromwell", in Historical Journal 1990 33(3): pp. 629639. ISSN 0018-246X. Full text online at JSTOR. Examines the Carlyle and Abbott editions. Worden, Blair. "Thomas Carlyle and Oliver Cromwell", in Proceedings Of The British Academy(2000) 105: pp. 131170. ISSN 0068-1202. Worden, Blair. Roundhead Reputations: the English Civil Wars and the passions of posterity (2001), 387 pp.; ISBN 0-14-100694-3.

The complexity class of decision problems solvable by an algorithm in class A with an oracle for a language L is called AL. For example, PSAT is the class of problems solvable in polynomial time by a deterministic Turing machine with an oracle for the Boolean satisfiability problem. The notation AB can be extended to a set of languages B (or a complexity class B), by using the following definition: A B = L B A L {\displaystyle A^{B}=\bigcup _{L\in B}A^{L}} When a language L is complete for some class B, then AL=AB provided that machines in A can execute reductions used in the completeness definition of class B. In particular, since SAT is NP-complete with respect to polynomial time reductions, PSAT=PNP. However, if A = DLOGTIME, then ASAT may not equal ANP. It is understood that NP PNP, but the question of whether NPNP, PNP, NP, and P are equal remains tentative at best. It is believed they are different, and this leads to the definition of the polynomial hierarchy. Oracle machines are useful for investigating the relationship between complexity classes P and NP, by considering the relationship between PA and NPA for an oracle A. In particular, it has been shown there exist languages A and B such that PA=NPA and PBNPB (Baker, Gill, and Solovay 1975). The fact the P = NP question relativizes both ways is taken as evidence that answering this question is difficult, because a proof technique that relativizes (i.e., unaffected by the addition of an oracle) will not answer the P = NP question. Most proof techniques relativize. One may consider the case where an oracle is chosen randomly from among all possible oracles (an infinite set). It has been shown in this case, that with probability 1, PANPA (Bennett and Gill 1981). When a question is true for almost all oracles, it is said to be true for a random oracle. This choice of terminology is justified by the fact random oracles support a statement with probability 0 or 1 only. (This follows from Kolmogorov's zero one law.) This is taken as evidence PNP. A statement may be true for a random oracle and false for ordinary Turing machines at the same time; for example, for a random oracle A, IPAPSPACEA, but without an oracle, IP = PSPACE (Chang et al., 1994).